Cool Boarders

Strategy Guide

  • Additional boards

    Win the three ranking to use special boards. There are three special boards in each easy, middle, and hard level.

  • Special course

    The hardest course becomes available after three special boards are obtained.

  • Snow man boarder

    Win the three ranking of the hardest course, then select the alpine special board by pressing Up + Triangle + Circle. The greatest boarder, "snow man" will be accessible. This status may be saved to the memory card.

  • Change DJ's voice

    Enter option mode and press Select(55).

  • Difficult view

    Win all rankings of all courses to gain another view.

  • View load time

    Press Select to view the loading time between the selection and play screens.

  • Trick points

    Hold L1 + L2 between the selection screen and play screen. Press L1 or L2 to view the trick points when you play boards.

  • Trick names

    Hold L1 + L2 between the selection screen and play screen. Hold R1 + R2 on controller two to view the name of a trick.

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Check Point Time & Stop Total Timer8018B44C 67A4
    801FFEE0 044B
    Bonus Boards801EF82E 0007
    Bonus Tracks801EF82A 0005
    High Stability801827A4 0000
    Always Snowman Boarder801EF82E 0017
    High Scoring80016210 0000
    80016212 0000

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