College Slam

  • Hidden fraternity teams

    At the title screen, press Left, Up, Circle, Up, Down, Up, Right, Triangle. If you entered the code correctly, a tone will be played. Now the following teams can be selected: Kappa Sigma, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Kappa Alpha, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Chi, Sigma Mu, Sigma Epsilon, Daytona Beach, and Palm Springs.

  • Cheat Codes

    Enter the following codes at the "Tonight's Matchup" screen:

      Extra player

      Press the D-pad in a counterclockwise circle.

      Small players

      Press Triangle(7).


      Press Left, Right, Left, Right, Pass, Shoot. The player with whirlwind acts like a tornado to knock over opposing players.

      Infinite whirlwind

      Sweep the D-pad in two clockwise Full-Circles.

      Quick hands

      Press Left, Triangle, Circle(2), Up.

      Maximum power

      Press Triangle, Down, Triangle, Right.

      High shots

      Press Up(3), Triangle(3).

      Speed up

      Press Right(6), Left.

      Power-up turbo

      Press Down, Triangle, Down(2), Up.

      Power-up dunks

      Press Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down.

      Power-up three pointers

      Press Up(6), Down.

      Power-up fire

      Press Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down(2).

      Power-up goaltending

      Press Down(3), Up(3).

      Power-up offense

      Press Right, Up, Down(2), Up.

      Power-up push

      Press Up, Triangle, Up, Circle, Up(2).

      Push opponent and team mate falls

      Press Down, Triangle, Down, Triangle, Down, Triangle.

      Push opponent and entire team falls

      Press Up, Left(2).

    Game Shark Codes

    Team 1 Scores Modifier80065510 ????
    Team 1 Infinite Boost80078208 002F
    Team 2 Score Modifier80065520 ????
    Team 2 Infinite Boost80078528 002F
    Infinite Shot Clock Time800654B8 0011

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