Dance Dance Revolution

Note: This is the Dance Dance Revolution game from North America, not to be confused with the Japanese Dance Dance Revolution.

  • Bonus characters

    At the character selection screen, press Up or Down. -From: and

  • Special modes

    At the song selection screen, press Start + Select until a little box appears. You may now choose stealth arrows, small arrows, mirror mode, little characters, etc. -From:

  • Double, unison, single or versus modes

    At the title screen, press Circle to select "Game Mode". A box with those options will appear.

    Game Shark Codes

    Max Score800CC13A E0FF
    800CC13E 05F5
    Max Workout Score800CC144 E0FF
    800CC146 05F5
    Max Dance Meter800CC136 1058
    Have 999 Combo800CC184 03E7
    Finish With 999 Perfects800CC188 03E7
    0 Boo's at Finish800CC198 0000
    0 Almost's at Finish800CC194 0000

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