Dead Or Alive

Strategy Guide

  • Control victory view

    During the winning pose, press Up, Down, Left, or Right to change the camera angle. Press R1 or L1 to zoom in and out.

  • Additional costumes

    Set all options to the default settings and complete tournament mode. Then, one additional costume will be unlocked each time the game is completed.

  • Play as Raidou

    Unlock all costumes for all characters. Then, select costume 14 (for female characters) or 5 (for male characters) and beat the game under the normal difficulty level and default settings.

  • Play as Ayane

    Beat the game using the Raidou under the normal difficulty level and default settings.

  • Replay end of round

    After a round ends, but before the victory pose begins, hold Square + Circle and press Triangle. Continue to hold Square + Circle and press Triangle to replay the end of round.

  • "Extra Config" options

    The following options will appear under the "Extra Config" menu after completing the indicated requirements.

      Fighting Order

      Beat the game using any character; or accumulate three hours of game time.

      Safety Zone Size

      Beat time attack mode under the normal difficulty level in under five minutes; or accumulate six hours of game time.

      Danger Damage

      Beat the game using all ten characters with the default settings; or defeat all ten characters in survival mode; or accumulate nine hours of game time.

      Danger Bounce

      Beat Kumite mode with at least an 80% victory record; or accumulate twelve hours of game time.

      System Voice

      For the "Wakana" sub-option, beat the game using any character. For the "Sakura" sub-option, play Kasumi over one hundred times; or accumulate fifteen hours of game time.

      Extra Voices

      Beat "Training Mode" by executing all moves after enabling the "Command List" option.

      CG Gallery

      Unlock each of Ayane's costumes.

  • Hidden graphics

    Insert the game disc into a PC compatible CD-ROM drive and look in the "Omake" directory to find several pictures in .BMP format.

  • Hidden audio

    Play tracks 2 and higher in a standard audio CD player to hear music and samples from the game.

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Health P180093C30 00A0
    Low Health P180093C30 0001
    Infinite Health P280093C88 00A0
    Low Health P280093C88 0001
    P1 Needs One Win To Beat P280093C12 0200
    Total Run Time Is 00:00'00"80092F58 0000
    Unlock Extra Config Options80092CE2 7F40
    Unlock Raidou30092CC8 0001
    Unlock Ayane30092CC9 0001
    Enable Extra Voices
    Zack80092F98 0001
    Tina80092F9A 0001
    Jann Lee80092F9C 0001
    Hayabusa80092F9E 0001
    Kasumi80092FA0 0001
    Gen Fu80092FA2 0001
    Bayman80092FA4 0001
    Lei Fang80092FA6 0001
    Raidou80092FA8 0001
    Ayane80092FAA 0001
    Bass80092FAC 0001
    Enable Extra Costumes
    Zack30092F84 000F
    Tina30092F85 000F
    Jann Lee30092F86 000F
    Hayabusa30092F87 000F
    Kasumi30092F88 000F
    Gen Fu30092F89 000F
    Bayman30092F8A 000F
    Lei Fang30092F8B 000F
    Raidou30092F8C 000F
    Ayane30092F8D 000F
    Bass30092F8E 000F

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