Elemental Gearbolt

Strategy Guide

  • Bonus options

    Beat the game on the normal or higher difficulty setting. Then a "Movie", "Music", "Sound test", and "Libraries" option will appear on the options menu.

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Credits800529C0 0003
    Unlock All Options8000E2E0 0003
    Infinite Health P180095D52 0200
    999 Hit P180073830 03E7
    999 Combo P1800736F4 03E7
    Max Level-Up P1800961B8 0900
    Infinite Health P280095D64 0200
    999 Hit P280073832 03E7
    999 Combo P2800736F6 03E7
    Max Level-Up P2800961F4 0900

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