• Bonus track

    The following tricks can be completed on any course track. For easier execution, disable the CPU opponents. At the beginning of the course, perform an easy trick (Square, Triangle) on the first ramp. Increase speed, then perform a medium trick (Square, Circle, Triangle) on the second ramp. Perform another medium trick on the third ramp. Finally, perform a hard trick (Square, X, Triangle, Circle) on the fourth ramp and finish the race. Now a Japan bonus track will begin loading.

  • Tricks

    DifficultyCode Trick
    EasySquare, Triangle Grabs board
    Medium 1Square, Circle, Triangle Kickflip
    Medium 2Square, Circle, Triangle Heelflip
    HardSquare, X, Triangle, Circle Front flip
    SpecialTriangle, X, Square, Circle 360 spin
    EasySquare, Triangle Grabs board
    Medium 1Square, Circle, Triangle Another grab
    Medium 2Square, Circle, Triangle 360 spin
    HardSquare, X, Triangle, Circle Rodeo flip
    Special 1Triangle, Square, X, Circle Front flip
    Special 2Triangle, Circle, X, Square or
    Square, Triangle, Circle, X
    Mountain bike
    EasySquare, Triangle Split
    Medium 1Square, Circle, Triangle 360 spin
    Medium 2Square, Circle, Triangle Back flip
    HardSquare, X, Triangle, Circle Tail-whip
    Special 1X, Square, Triangle, Circle Tabletop
    Special 2X, Circle, Square, Triangle Dismount
    In-Line Skates
    EasySquare, Triangle ?
    Medium 1Square, Circle, Triangle Air Unity
    Medium 2Square, Circle, Triangle Split
    HardSquare, X, Triangle, Circle 360 spin
    Special 1Circle, Square, X, Triangle Front flip
    Special 2X, Triangle, Circle, Square ?

    Game Shark Codes

    Always Place First P18007D4CC 0000
    Skate Boarders Speed is Always ?? P18007D490 00??
    Race Time is Always 0.00080043E3C 0000
    Character Creation Codes [Note]
    Max Muscle80130004 00FF
    Max Endurance8012FE2C 00FF
    Max Speed8012FC54 00FF
    Max Reflexes8012FA7C 00FF
    Max Tricks8012F8A4 00FF
    Max Skateboarding8012F6CC 00FF
    Max Inlineskating8012F4F4 00FF
    Max Snowboarding8012F31C 00FF
    Max Mountainbiking8012F144 00FF
    Max Handling (Skate Board)8012EF6C 00FF
    Max Acceleration (Skate Board)8012ED94 00FF
    Max Top Speed (Skate Board)8012EBBC 00FF
    Max Handling (Inline Skates)8012E9E4 00FF
    Max Acceleration (Inline Skates)8012E80C 00FF
    Max Top Speed (Inline Skates)8012E634 00FF
    Max Handling (Snow Board)8012E45C 00FF
    Max Acceleration (Snow Board)8012E284 00FF
    Max Top Speed (Snow Board)8012E0AC 00FF
    Max Handling (Mountain Bike)8012DED4 00FF
    Max Acceleration (Mountain Bike)8012DCFC 00FF
    Max Top Speed (Mountain Bike)8012DB24 00FF

    Note: Enter the character selection screen and activate each option, then press Left on each option.

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