Formula 1: Championship Edition

Note: This game is also titled Formula 1 '97.

  • Reach championship round 16

    Enter "OEAN ALESI" (200 points, second place), "PEAN ALESI" (200 points, third place), "QEAN ALESI" (200 points, fourth place), or "NEAN ALESI" (0 points, last place) as a name.

  • Four bonus tracks

    Enter "BILLY BONUS" as a name. Then the bonus Adia, Edialeda, Sonob, and the black and white 1960's mode tracks will be accessible.

  • Easy mode for all tracks (inlcuding bonus)

    Enter "TOO EASY" as a name.

  • Expert mode

    Enter "BLOOMIN ARD" as a name.

  • 1960's cars

    Enter "SWINGIND SIXTIES" as a name and start an arcade mode game.

  • New sound effects and background music

    Enter "SWAP SHOP" as a name.

  • Large tires

    Enter "LITTLE WEELS" as a name.

  • WipeOut mode

    Enter "PI MAN" as a name.

  • Virtua Racing mode

    Enter "VIRTUALLY VIRTUAL" as a name.

  • Helicopter camera

    Enter "ZOOM LENSE" as a name.

  • Murray and Martin puppet announcers

    Enter "BOX CHATTER" as a name.

  • Frog rain

    Enter "CATS DOGS" as a name.

  • Alternate camera angles

    Drive to the side of the track and press Select on controller two to choose from more views. Note: This has no effect if your car is in the pits.

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Time800B3440 0E10

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