The Fifth Element

  • Cheat mode

    At the main menu, press L1, L2, R2, R1, Select. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Then, select "New game" or "Load game" to access a cheat menu with level selection, infinite lives, weapons, items, and all FMV sequences options. For the European/Australian PAL version, hold Circle + Triangle + L2 at the main menu.

    Game Shark Codes

    Both Player Codes
    Infinite HealthD0060B2C 8385
    80060B2C 8387
    D0060B60 8385
    80060B60 8387
    D00526AA 0C01
    800526AA 2400
    Infinite Lives801FFF46 0009
    Infinite Shield800DD54C 00FF
    801FFF96 0001
    Have Air Element801FFF5C 0001
    Have Water Element801FFF5E 0001
    Have Fire Element801FFF60 0001
    Have Earth Element801FFF62 0001
    Have Z Key Card801FFF64 0001
    Have ZFX Energy Cell801FFF66 0001
    Have Fhloston Tickets801FFF68 0001
    Have Mondoshawan Key801FFF6C 0001
    Have Air Activator801FFF70 0001
    Have Water Activator801FFF72 0001
    Have Fire Activator801FFF74 0001
    Have Earth Activator801FFF76 0001
    Have Key Pass801FFF7A 0001
    Have ???801FFF6A 0001
    Have ???801FFF6E 0001
    Have ???801FFF78 0001
    Have Unknown Item 1 (Invis)801FFF7C 0001
    Have Unknown Item 2 (Invis)801FFF7E 0001
    Have Unknown Item 3 (Invis)801FFF80 0001
    Korben Codes
    Infinite Ammo800DD588 0163
    Leeloo Codes
    Have Contact Bombs801FFF5A 0001
    Have Grenades801FFF82 0001

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