The Grinch

Strategy Guide

  • Spin 'n' Win mini-game

    Destroy 750 gifts, then go to the upper level of Mount Crumpit to access the Spin 'n' Win mini-game.

  • Pankamania mini-game

    Destroy 1,500 gifts, then go to the upper level of Mount Crumpit to access the Pankamania mini-game.

  • Copter Race Contest mini-game

    Destroy 2,500 gifts, then go to the upper level of Mount Crumpit to access the Copter Race Contest mini-game.

  • Bike Race mini-game

    Destroy 3,000 gifts and complete 100% of the game. Look behind the bookcase in the workshop with the sleigh to access the Bike Race mini-game.

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Rotten Eggs80010058 00C8
    Unlock All Levels800100AA 00FF
    Stop Timer8008F6CA 002B
    Have All 3000 Presents8001005A 0BB8
    Have All Presents in WhoVille8001005C 01F4
    Have All Presents in WhoForest8001005E 02EE
    Have All Presents in The Dump80010060 02EE
    Have All Presents in WhoLake80010062 03E8
    Have All Useful Items800101F8 FFFF
    800101FA FFFF
    Have Binoculars Parts800102B6 4140
    800102B8 4544
    Have Egg Launcher Parts800102BA 4140
    800102BC 4544
    Have Rocket Spring Parts800102BE 4140
    800102C0 4442
    800102C2 4645
    800102C4 4948
    300102C6 004A
    Have Slime Shooter Parts300102C7 0040
    800102C8 4241
    800102CA 4544
    800102CC 4846
    800102CE 4A49
    Have Octopus Climbing Device Parts800102D0 4140
    800102D2 4442
    800102D4 4645
    800102D6 4948
    300102D8 004A
    Have Marine Mobile Parts300102D9 0040
    800102DA 4241
    800102DC 4443
    800102DE 4645
    800102E0 4847
    800102E2 4A49
    800102E4 4C4B
    800102E6 4E4D
    300102E8 004F
    Have Grinch Copter Parts300102E9 0040
    800102EA 4241
    800102EC 4443
    800102EE 4645
    800102F0 4847
    800102F2 4A49
    800102F4 4C4B
    800102F6 4E4D
    300102F8 004F
    Have All Blueprints800100F4 0404
    800100F6 1009
    800100F8 0909
    800100FA 0010
    Have All Missions Completed800100BE FFFF
    300100C5 000A
    800100C6 0A0A
    800100C8 0A0A
    800100CA 0A0A
    800100CC 0A0A
    300100E5 000A
    800100E6 050A
    300100EE 000A
    300100FE 000A

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