Grind Session

Strategy Guide

  • All tricks

    Pause the game, then press Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right.

  • Huntington level

    To unlock level 8 (Huntington), go to the big gray ramp with a blue streak on the bottom that is in front of a wall. Go off the ramp, and do an air trick (e.g. Christ Air). If you hit the wall in the middle of the trick, you will land it perfectly and get full points.

  • Play as Master Ao

    Get all keys, photos, and coins in both wings of the dream house with any character to unlock Master Ao, the ultimate skater (full vert, street, balance meter, plus every trick).

    Game Shark Codes

    Allows Game to Play in a Mod-Chip System [Note]D0013FC0 023A
    80013FC2 1000
    Max Score800A3F38 E0FF
    800A3F3A 05F5
    Score Modifier800A3F38 ????
    Da Banks (NYC) Codes
    Have All Points8009F618 2710
    Have All Pro Points8009F658 4E20
    Have All Boom Boxes3009F698 000A
    Have All Tech Lines3009F6D8 000A
    S.F. Mission Codes
    Have All Points8009F61C 2710
    Have All Pro Points8009F65C 7530
    Have All Trash Cans3009F69C 000A
    Have All Tech Lines3009F6DC 000A
    Burnside Codes
    Have All Points8009F620 2EE0
    Have All Pro Points8009F660 9C40
    Have All Pigeons3009F6A0 000A
    Have All Tech Lines3009F6E0 000A
    Slam City Jam Codes
    Highest Rank8009F624 0001
    Have All Tech Lines3009DD2C 000A
    Atlanta Codes
    Have All Points8009F628 4E20
    Have All Pro Points8009F668 EA60
    Have All Roadblocks3009F6A8 000A
    Have All Tech Lines3009F6E8 000A
    PlayStation Park London Codes
    Have All Points8009F62C 7530
    Have All Pro Points8009F66C 1170
    8009F66E 0001
    Have All Bottles3009F6AC 000A
    Have All Tech Lines3009F6EC 000A
    Detroit Codes
    Have All Points8009F630 9C40
    Have All Pro Points8009F670 3880
    8009F672 0001
    Have All Values3009F6B0 000A
    Have All Tech Lines3009F6F0 000A
    Huntington Codes
    Highest Rank8009F634 0001
    Have All Tech Lines3009DD2C 000A

    Note: You must have a 2.41 or higher version of the Game Shark to use this code. If your version of the Game Shark meets that requirement, and the code still doesn't work, then add "C1000000 0000" to the code.

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