In Cold Blood

Strategy Guide

  • Debug menu

    At the main menu, hold L1 and press Triangle(2), X(2). Start a new game, then pause the game.

    Game Shark Codes

    North American Version

    Infinite Health8004B104 2400
    Infinite Ammo80021AA8 2400

    European and Australian (PAL) Version

    Infinite Health800490E0 0000
    800490E2 0000
    Infinite Medicine80020FB4 0000
    80020FB6 0000
    Infinite MP Ammo80020F4C 0000
    80020F4E 0000
    Infinite Rounds80020F7C 0000
    80020F7E 0000
    Press L1 + L2 For 9 RoundsD01D522E FAFF
    30198B70 0009
    Press R1 + R2 For 9X MedicineD01D522E F5FF
    30198B74 0009
    90 First Aid Kits80198B74 005A
    Disable Timer8008BD48 0000

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