Interactive CD Sampler Pack Volume 3

  • Crash Bandicoot information

    At the Crash Bandicoot screen, press Square(2), Triangle.

  • King Of Fighters '95 information

    At the King Of Fighters '95 screen, press Triangle, Circle, Square.

  • NCAA GameBreaker information

    At the NCAA GameBreaker screen, press Circle, Triangle, Circle.

  • Ridge Racer Revolution information

    At the Ridge Racer Revolution screen, press Circle, Triangle, Square.

  • Tekken 2 information

    At the Tekken 2 screen, press Triangle(2), Square.

  • Twisted Metal 2 information

    At the Twisted Metal 2 screen, press Square, Circle, Triangle.

  • View Horned Owl FMV sequence

    At the Tunnel B1 screen, press Triangle, Square(2).

  • View Independence Day FMV sequence

    At the Blast Chamber screen, press Triangle, Circle, Triangle.

  • View Jumping Flash 2 FMV sequence

    At the NHL Faceoff '97 screen, press Square, Triangle, Circle.

  • View Motor Toon Grand Prix FMV sequence

    At the Formula 1 screen, press Square, Triangle, Square.

  • View Tobal No. 1 FMV sequence

    At the Jet Moto screen, press Circle(2), Triangle.

  • View Twisted Metal 2 FMV sequence

    At the 2 Xtreme screen, press Circle, Square, Circle.

    Game Shark Codes

    Crash Bandicoot
    Infinite Lives800A3E4C 0400
    Infinite Masks80097384 0300
    Tekken 2
    Infinite Energy P1800D7C0E 006E
    No Energy P1800D7C0E 0000
    Infinite Energy P2800D8E16 006E
    No Energy P2800D8E16 0000
    Play as All 10 Starting Characters800AA858 FFFF
    Infintie Time800AA868 0005
    King of Fighters '95
    Infinite Energy P1800C3E20 00CF
    No Energy P1800C3E20 0000
    Infinite Energy P2800C3E22 00CF
    No Energy P2800C3E22 0000
    Ridge Racer Revolution
    Always Place First80084384 0001
    Formula 1
    Infinite Time800D0134 1164

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