Intelligent Qube

Strategy Guide

Note: This game is also titled Kurushi.

  • Original mode and play as Cynthia

    Beat the game to access the "Original" selection on the "Game Mode" screen and to unlock Cynthia at the character selection screen.

  • Play as Spike

    Beat the game with Cynthia with an IQ of over 400.

  • Control demo mode

    Select the "Rules" option, highlight Demo 1, 2, or 3, then hold L1 + R1 and press X. The game play screen will now appear and the character may be controlled. -From:

    Game Shark Codes

    Two Rows of Blocks Move Forward at a Time8006C4B4 0002
    Takes Zero Moves to Get rid of Blocks [Note]8006C804 0000

    Note: This code gives you a higher score. This keeps the fraction thing in the top right hand corner at zero, which makes you a genius when you get rid of the blocks.

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