Krazy Ivan

Strategy Guide

  • Level select

    At the level select screen with the globe, highlight Russia and press Right. Hold X + Down/Left before the Japanese mission details appear. The globe will begin to bounce through the levels. To choose a level, release the buttons when the desired level is selected.

  • True ending

    On the final level (Japan), when the shield generator is blown up, walk into the center of the explosion for a hidden level and the true ending of the game.

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Shields800C4CD0 0064
    800C4CD4 0064
    800C4CD8 0032
    800C4CDC 0032
    800C4CE0 0032
    800C4CE4 0032
    800C4CE8 0032
    800C4CEC 0064
    Infinite 50mm8008D1A4 012C
    Infinite Labor8008D1A8 00FA
    Infinite Plasma8008D1AC 003C
    Infinite Cannon8008D1B0 0046
    Infinite Missiles8008D1D4 000A
    8008D1DC 000A
    Inifnite Hyena Missiles8008D1D8 000A
    Infinite Cerebus Missiles8008D1E0 000A
    8008D1E4 000A
    8008D1E8 000A
    Infinite Scythe8008D1B4 0009
    Infinite Vortex Bombs8008D1B8 0009
    Infinite ULF Pulse8008D1BC 0009
    Infinite EM Pulse8008D1C0 0009
    Infinite Kraken8008D1C4 0009
    Infinite Medusa8008D1C8 0009
    Max Energy Cores80089670 00D0
    Cannon Coolant800D1C6C 0000
    Freeze Timer800C4CF2 0009
    Never Overheat800D1CB8 0000

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