Kileak: The DNA Imperative

Note: This game is also titled Kileak The Blood.

  • Invincibility (Japanese version)

    At the title screen, quickly press [Triangle(2), Left, Right, Square(2), Select, L1, L2, R1, R2] three times within five seconds. If you entered the code correctly, the background color will turn blue.

  • All items (Japanese version)

    When the conception sequence begins at the title screen, press Circle(6), sweep the D-pad in a clockwise Full-Circle three times, and press Triangle, Square(2),Triangle, X, Start.

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Health [Note]800B6294 03DF
    Infinite Shield800B6298 03E8
    Infinite Wales Ammo800B62C8 01F4
    Have Laser Gun800B62A4 00FF
    Have Erito Crion Gun800B62A8 00FF
    Inifnite Eritro Crion Ammo800B62D0 01F4
    Have Zax Gun800B62AC 00FF
    Infinite Zax Ammo800B62D4 01F4
    Have Flamer Gun800B62B0 00FF
    Have Gaia Gun800B62B4 00FF
    Have Erosion Gun800B62B8 00FF
    Inifnite Erosion Ammo800B62E0 01F4
    Have Veda Gun800B62BC 00FF
    Infinite Veda Ammo800B62E4 01F4
    Elapsed Mission Timer is Always 00:00800C0704 0000
    Item Modifier Position 1800B62F0 ????
    Item Modifier Position 2800B62F4 ????
    Item Modifier Position 3800B62F8 ????
    Item Modifier Position 4800B62FC ????
    Item Modifier Position 5800B6300 ????
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Item Modifier Codes
    01 - I.D.Card
    02 - Repair Parts (1)
    03 - Repair Parts (2)
    04 - Armor Rom
    05 - Recorder Card
    06 - Battery (1)
    07 - Battery (2)
    08 - Yellow Key Card
    09 - Red Key Card
    0A - Blue Key Card
    0B - Green Key Card
    0C - Gray Key Card
    0D - Ammo Pak (1)
    0E - Ammo Pak (2)
    0F - Ammo Pak (3)
    10 - Ammo Pak (4)
    11 - Ammo Pak (5)
    12 - ???????? (takes the green background away from the item spots)

    Note: This code also gives you infintie ammo for the Laser, Flamer, and Gaia guns.

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