Largo Winch

  • Cheat mode

    At the main menu, press Select, Square(2), Circle(2), Triangle, Square, Triangle, Circle.

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Health800DFECE 0064
    Infinite Bomb Timer800E3F2A 003B
    Have Copied Doc. [Note]300A45F8 0001
    Have Crowbar [Note]300A45E8 0001
    Have Documents [Note]300A45F4 0001
    Have Fuse [Note]300A45E4 0001
    Have Gas Bottle [Note]300A4604 0001
    Have Keys [Note]300A4600 0001
    Have Radio [Note]300A45E0 0001
    Have Safe Combo [Note]300A45F0 0001
    Have Security Card [Note]300A45FC 0001
    Have Security Card 2 [Note]300A4608 0001
    Have Toolbox [Note]300A45EC 0001

    Note: Do not use more than four items at a time with this code activated.

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