Libero Grande

  • Play as Gregorio Zonaras

    Beat arcade mode on the normal difficulty setting.

  • Play as Arnold Lang

    Score over 10,000 points in "Challenge 9" mode.

  • Play as Roland, Edgard Cailaux, Powel Gardner, or Gerald Wells

    Win the International Cup with all countries on the hard difficulty setting.

  • Play as Ruprecht Goes

    Unlock the last three options in "Challenge 9" mode.

  • Play as David Magellan

    Score over 11,500 points in "Challenge 9" mode on all difficulty settings.

  • Play as Maurice Poulenc

    Achieve and overall accumulated score of 100 with Brazil in "vs. CPU" mode.

  • 1998 World Cup France mode

    Select "International Cup" and highlight the "New Game/Continue" option. Then, hold X + Select + Circle + Start and press Triangle. Now all teams will be exactly the same as in the 1998 World Cup France Final.

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