Mini 4WD Bros Eternal Wings

  • Phantom-Blade car

    Beat story mode with Knuckle Breaker. Then, defeat the Phantom-Blade car in the next challenge to the Phantom-Blade vehicle selectable.

  • Vise Intruder car

    Beat story mode with Max Breaker. Then, defeat the Vise Intruder car in the next challenge to make the Vise Intruder vehicle selectable.

  • Ray Stinger car

    Beat story mode with Fire Stinger and wait until the ending sequence is completed. Then, restart the game and select the option under "Continue" to start a Ray Stinger versus Fire Stinger challenge. Now defeat the Ray Stinger to make the Ray Stinger vehicle selectable.

  • Secret mode two option

    Beat story mode with Berkaiser (Eisen Wolf). Then, a secret mode two selection will appear under the continue option. Beat this new option to unlock the last two Berkaisers (Eisen Wolves).

  • Secret shop

    Beat level six in story mode, move the pointer to the upper right corner, and select that location.

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