Macross: Digital Mission VF-X

Strategy Guide
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  • Recover missiles

    Pause the game, hold Select and press Circle(7), Triangle, Square, X, then release Select on controller two.

  • Recover special attack

    Pause the game, hold Select and press Square(7), Triangle, Circle, X, then release Select on controller two.

  • Debug mode

    Beat the game and save your status. Then, highlight the "Continue" option and hold Select and Circle for ten seconds. Now The screen will turn black. Release Circle, keep Select held, and press Circle, X, Square, Triangle, Circle, X, Square, Triangle. The debug menu will now appear with the following options (in order): Invincibility, all VFs, no FMV sequences, level select, city modes only, alternate fighter control, display FMV sequences, stereo or monaural sound, "tiny sound", and "display info".

  • View VFs at different angles

    After you have all your VFs and save your game (if needed), go to the load/save screen. Then, highlight the blank box under the loading box and press Circle. Now choose one of the VFs from the displayed list. Press L1 or L2 to zoom and pan over the selected VF. To transform to Gerwalk, press Select, Square. To transform to transform to Battletroid, press Select, Triangle. To activate special moves, press Select, hold R1, and press the appropriate button.

  • Camera controls

    While viewing the exterior of a VF, use the following actions on controller two to adjust the camera:

      Left: Rotate camera left
      Right: Rotate camera right
      Up: Rotate camera up
      Down: Rotate camera down
      Triangle: Pan up
      X: Pan down
      Square: Pan left
      Circle: Ran right
      L1: Zoom in
      L2: Zoom out
      R1: Zoom out
      R2: Zoom in
      Start: Reset camera
  • Blue VF-1X-Plus Valkyrie

    Exceed 500 kills by the last mission, then select the VF-1X-Plus Valkyrie as your fighter. Now IMaxmillian Jenius' Blue VF-1X-Plus Valkyrie will be under your control. This fighter can only be used for the last mission.

  • Reset game

    While playing the game, press L1 + R1 + Select + Start.

    Game Shark Codes

    Master CodeD0041E04 017C
    Invincibilty80017E2E 1000
    Max Speed80130424 0600
    Infinite Special Weapons8001C06A 9382
    Infinite Missiles80041992 9384
    80041E06 9483

    -From: Adrian

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