Mortal Kombat Trilogy

Strategy Guide

  • Infinite kredits

    At the story screen, press Down(2), Up(2), Right(2), Left(2). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Now the credit display will change to "Freeplay".

  • Play as Chameleon

    If fighting as player one, choose any male ninja (Reptile, Classic Sub-Zero, Rain, Human Smoke, Ermac, Noob Saibot, or Scorpion) and hold Left + R1 + R2 + Square + Triangle until the fight starts. If fighting as player two, choose any male ninja and hold Right + R1 + R2 + Square + Triangle until the fight starts. Chameleon is a semi-clear ninja that morphs into all the other ninjas in the game. When the fight begins, your ninja will explode and change into Chameleon.

  • Classic characters

    Press Select when choosing Rayden, Jax, Kung Lao, or Kano for the classic (Mortal Kombat 1) versions of those fighters.

  • Stage select

    On the character selection screen, highlight Sonya and press Up + Start in one player or Vs mode. If you entered the code correctly, the screen will shake and there will be a boom sound.

  • Random character selection

    On the character selection screen, hold Up + Start.

  • Enable "?" on Kube

    Hold Up + R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 and press Up when the square labeled "Konfigure Kombat" is displayed in the Options menu. If you entered the code correctly, the screen will shake. Now a "?" menu will open, and allow the following options to be set:

      One button fatalities: You can finish your opponent by pushing one of the following buttons:

    ButtonWhat It Does
    HKFatality 1
    LKFatality 2

      Instant aggressor: The Aggressor Meter will fill after one hit.

      Normal Boss damage: A boss's damage will be the same as a normal fighter.

      Low damage: The fighters' damage after each hit is minimal.

      Health recovery: The health meters will replenish by a small amount after every hit.

  • Kombat Kodes

    At the Vs. screen, each player's LP, BL, and LK buttons will set the six boxes at the bottom of the screen. Use the following numbers to represent the symbols that will appear in the boxes. The player on the left controls the first three boxes. The player on the right controls the last three boxes. Tap a button to advance one symbol; hold a button to display the previous symbol.

    Question mark
    Shao Kahn

    Kombat Kode Effect
    788-322Fast uppercut recovery
    044-440No power
    300-300Silent Kombat
    100-100Throwing Disabled
    010-010Throwing Encouraged
    020-020Blocking Disabled
    205-205Winner fights Smoke
    769-342Winner fights Noob
    969-141Winner fights Shao Kahn
    033-564Winner fights Motaro
    444-444Randper Kombat
    282-282No Fear
    987-666Flipper message
    550-550Wavenet UMK3 message
    999-999Version Number message
    448-844"Don't jump at me.."
    717-313Rain is in the Graveyard
    004-400Ed Boon message
    987-123No Powerbars
    688-422Dark fighting
    985-125Psycho kombat
    642-468Play hidden game
    788-322Uppercut Recovery
    466-466Unlimited running
    321-789Super Run Jumps
    975-310Health Recovery
    722-722Combos Disabled
    555-556Special Moves Disabled
    024-689Super Endurance Kombat
    New for MKT
    484-484Automatic Kombos
    109-901Bloody Kombat
    202-808"Babalities Are Reversible"
    123-321Winner Fights Khameleon
    For 2-on-2 and 3-on-3
    022-220Explosive Kombat / Throwing Disable
    227-227Explosive Kombat
    Kombat Zones
    330-033Jade's Desert
    666-444Scorpion's Lair
    091-190Bell Tower
    933-933Scislac Busorez
    050-050Noob's Dorfen
    343-343The Roof
    820-028Pit III
    004-700Kahn's Kave
    002-003River Kombat
    600-040Kombat Temple
    079-035The Street
    123-901The Soul Chamber
    077-022The Bridge
    880-220Kahn's Tower
    New for MKT
    222-222Dead Pool
    191-191The Armory
    919-919The Pit
    606-606Star Bridge
    101-010The Tower
    007-007The Portal
    166-661The Pit II
    121-121The Courtyard
    212-212The Wasteland
    000-666The Lair

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Energy P18003219E 00A6
    75% Energy P1D003219E 00A6
    80031DE0 007C
    50% Energy P1D003219E 00A6
    80031DE0 0053
    25% Energy P1D003219E 00A6
    80031DE0 0029
    P1 No Energy8003219E 0000
    P1 One Hit DeathD003219E 00A6
    8003219E 0001
    P1 Always Has Full "Aggressor"80032698 00CC
    P1 Always Has No "Aggressor"80032698 0000
    P1 Infinite Run800321A0 0030
    P1 Cannot Run800321A0 0000
    P1 Cannot Jump80028E9E 0000
    P1 Cannot Do Special Moves80032200 0000
    P1 Combos are Off8003267E 0000
    P1 Has Auto Combos8003267E 0002
    P1 Combos are On8003267E 0001
    P1 Never Wins800321A4 0000
    P1 Needs 1 Round to WinD00321A4 0000
    800321A4 0001
    Character Modifier P18002833A 00??
    Infinite Energy P280032316 00A6
    75% Energy P2D0032316 00A6
    80032316 007C
    50% Energy P2D0032316 00A6
    80032316 0053
    25% Energy P2D0032316 00A6
    80032316 0029
    P2 No Energy80032316 0000
    P2 One Hit DeathD0032316 00A6
    80032316 0001
    P2 Always Has Full "Aggressor"8003269A 00CC
    P2 Always Has No "Aggressor"8003269A 0000
    P2 Infinite Run80032318 0030
    P2 Cannot Run80032318 0000
    P2 Cannot Do Special Moves80032378 0000
    P2 Combos are Off80032680 0000
    P2 Has Auto Combos80032680 0002
    P2 Combos are On80032680 0001
    P2 Never Wins8003231C 0000
    P2 Needs 1 Round to WinD003231C 0000
    8003231C 0001
    Character Modifier P280028386 00??
    Unlock "?" in Options8003268C 0001
    Stage Select is On8003C940 0001
    1-Button Fatalities are On8003265A 0001
    1-Button Fatalities are Off8003265A 0000
    Instant Aggressor is On80032686 0001
    Instant Aggressor is Off80032686 0000
    Normal Boss Damage is ON80032684 0001
    Normal Boss Damage is OFF80032684 0000
    Low Damage is ON80032688 0001
    Low Damage is OFF80032688 0000
    Health Recovery is ON8003268A 0001
    Health Recovery is OFF8003268A 0000
    Versus Screen is OFF8003268E 0000
    Versus Screen is ON8003268E 0001
    Buy in Screen is OFF80032690 0001
    Buy in Screen is ON80032690 0000
    Select Screen is Fast80032692 0001
    Select Screen is ON80032692 0001
    Match Recycle=OFF80032694 0000
    Match Recycle=180032694 0001
    Match Recycle=280032694 0002
    Match Recycle=380032694 0003
    Match Recycle=480032694 0004
    Timer is Disabled8003267A 0000
    Timer is Enabled8003267A 0001
    Blood is Disabled8003248E 0001
    Blood is Enabled8003248E 0000
    Difficulty is Very Easy800324A4 0000
    Difficulty is Easy800324A4 0001
    Difficulty is Medium800324A4 0002
    Difficulty is Hard800324A4 0003
    Difficulty is Very Hard800324A4 0004
    P1 Square Button Config800F8E46 000?
    P1 X Button Config800F8E4E 000?
    P1 Circle Button Config800F8E56 000?
    P1 Triangle Button Config800F8E5E 000?
    P1 R1 Button Config800F8E66 000?
    P1 R2 Button Config800F8E6E 000?
    P1 L1 Button Config800F8E7E 000?
    P1 L2 Button Config800F8E7E 000?
    P2 Square Button Config800F8E86 000?
    P2 X Button Config800F8E8E 000?
    P2 Circle Button Config800F8E96 000?
    P2 Triangle Button Config800F8E9E 000?
    P2 R1 Button Config800F8EA6 000?
    P2 R2 Button Config800F8EAE 000?
    P2 L1 Button Config800F8EB6 000?
    P2 L2 Button Config800F8EBE 000?
    Infinite Run (Kombat Kode)800325D4 0001
    Disable Throwing (Kombat Kode)800325B2 0001
    Throwing Encouraged (Kombat Kode)800325F8 0001
    Blocking Disabled (Kombat Kode)800325B6 0001
    Quick Uppercut Recovery800325D2 0001
    Enable Kombat Kode Modifier (Not All)800325B4 00??
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Kombat Kode Modifier Code
    00 - Throwing Disabled
    01 - Blocking Disabled
    02 - P1 Has Half Power
    03 - P2 Has Half Power
    04 - Dark Kombat
    05 - Hold Flippers
    06 - P1 Has Quarter Power
    07 - P2 Has Quarter Power
    08 - No Fear
    09 - Quick Uppercut Recovery
    0A - Unlimited Run
    0B - No Knowledge
    0C - Sans Power
    0D - Silent Kombat
    0E - Throwing Encouraged
    0F - See The Live Tour
    10 - Rain Can Be Found
    11 - Don't Jump at me
    12 - Skunky
    13 - Watcha Gun do?
    14 - Jack Gandolpho
    15 - Hayden Fultz
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Button Configuration Codes
    0 - High Punch
    1 - Low Punch
    2 - Block
    3 - High Kick
    4 - Low Kick
    5 - Run
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Character Modifier Codes
    00 - Kano
    01 - Sonya
    02 - Jax
    03 - Nightwolf
    04 - Sub-Zero
    05 - Stryker
    06 - Sindel
    07 - Sektor
    08 - Cyrax
    09 - Kung Lao
    0A - Kabal
    0B - Sheeva
    0C - Shang Tsung
    0D - Liu Kang
    0E - Smoke
    0F - Kitana
    10 - Jade
    11 - Mileena
    12 - Scorpion
    13 - Reptile
    14 - Ermac
    15 - Classic Sub-Zero
    16 - Human Smoke
    17 - Noob Saibot
    18 - Motaro
    19 - Shao Kahn
    1A - Rain
    1B - Chameleon
    1C - Raiden
    1D - Baraka
    1E - Kintaro
    1F - Jonny Cage
    20 - Goro
    21 - Classic Kung Lao
    22 - Classic Jax
    23 - Classic Raiden
    24 - Classic Kano

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