MLB '99

  • Super player

    At the player creation screen or during spring training, enter "Scott Murray" or any other development team name (located in the back of the instruction manual) as a player name.

  • More homeruns

    Create a player that is sixty inches tall, small build, and has zero attributes. -From:

  • Baseball bloopers FMV sequence

    Enter the start menu and allow the MLB '99 demo to run. Watch it until one half of the inning is over, then a special FMV sequence, along with the credits will appear.

    Game Shark Codes

    Joker CommandD00B1900 ????
    Away Team Score Modifier80019208 ????
    Press L1 For 2 StrikesD00B1900 0004
    800CD70A 0002
    Press R1 For 0 StrikesD00B1900 0008
    800CD70A 0000
    Press L2 For 2 OutsD00B1900 0001
    800CD708 0002
    Press R2 For 0 OutsD00B1900 0002
    800CD708 0000
    Auto Target & Direction Modifier800D2944 0?00
    Character Creation Modifiers
    First Name Modifier
    1st Letter Modifier30010402 00??
    2nd Letter Modifier30010403 00??
    3rd Letter Modifier30010404 00??
    4th Letter Modifier30010405 00?
    5th Letter Modifier30010406 00??
    6th Letter Modifier30010407 00??
    7th Letter Modifier30010408 00??
    8th Letter Modifier30010409 00??
    9th Letter Modifier3001040A 00??
    10th Letter Modifier3001040B 00??
    11th Letter Modifier3001040C 00??
    Last Name Modifier
    1st Letter Modifier3001040D 00??
    2nd Letter Modifier3001040E 00??
    3rd Letter Modifier3001040F 00??
    4th Letter Modifier30010410 00?
    5th Letter Modifier30010411 00??
    6th Letter Modifier30010412 00??
    7th Letter Modifier30010413 00??
    8th Letter Modifier30010414 00??
    9th Letter Modifier30010415 00??
    10th Letter Modifier30010416 00??
    11th Letter Modifier30010417 00??
    Jersey # Modifier3001041C 00??
    Position Modifier3001041D 00??
    Height Modifier3001041E 00??
    Weight Modifier3001041F 00??
    Skin Color Modifier30010420 00??
    Face Modifier30010421 00??
    Minor League Character Stat Modifiers
    AB Modifier30016188 00??
    G. Modifier30016189 00??
    Hits Modifier3001618A ??00
    Avg. vs. R Modifier30016194 00??

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