March Madness '98

  • Special woman's team

    Start a new season, and select "Division I" vs. "New Mexico" at the calendar screen. Leave this screen and enter exhibition mode. Then, choose "Division I" to access the new team.

  • Keep ball after dunk

    Dunk the ball in exhibition mode and quickly call a timeout while the ball is still in the basket. The game will award the points for the basket, and return the ball to your possession.

    Game Shark Codes

    Joker CommandD00179DC ????
    Infinite Shot Clock801686E4 07C7
    Momentum Meter Always Full80108198 0070
    Momentum Meter Always Empty80108198 0000
    Home Team Scores 080015120 0000
    Home Team Scores 20080015120 00C8
    Away Team Scores 080016580 0000
    Away Team Scores 20080016580 00C8
    Away Team 200, Home 0 [Note]D00179DC 0100
    80016580 00C8
    D00179DC 0100
    80015120 0000
    Away Team 0, Home 200 [Note]D00179DC 0100
    80016580 0000
    D00179DC 0100
    80015120 00C8
    Stat Codes
    Infinite Player Points Remaining800CB438 00C8
    Max FG%800CBBD6 0064
    Max FT%800CBBD8 0064
    Max 3PT%800CBBDA 0064
    Max Pass Points800CBBDC 0064
    Max Aggressiveness800CBBDE 0064
    Max Blocking800CBBE0 0064
    Max Stealing800CBBE2 0064
    Max Ball Handling800CBBE4 0064
    Max Dunking800CBBE6 0064
    Max Off. Rebound800CBBE8 0064
    Max Def. Rebound800CBBEA 0064
    Max Off. Awareness800CBBEC 0064
    Max Def. Awareness800CBBEE 0064
    Max Agility800CBBF0 0064
    Max Speed800CBBF2 0064
    Max Stamina800CBBF4 0064

    Note: Press Select during the game to change the score.

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