MTV Sports: Skateboarding

  • Cheat mode

    Enter "PASWRD" as a name in lifestyle mode to unlock all boards, parks, costumes, and skaters.

    Game Shark Codes

    1 Board Peice Unlocks Board (MTV Hunt Mode)800A0544 003E
    Easy Win (MTV Hunt Mode)D00A02C8 0001
    800A02C8 000A
    Press Up to Ride on AirD00ACE42 FFEF
    800A0B30 0000
    Press Up + Square for Big AirD00ACE42 7FEF
    800A05A2 004F
    D00ACE42 7FEF
    800A0B30 0001
    Easy Wins/High Score (Lifestyle Mode)D00A058E 0000
    800A058E 0FFF
    80099C38 0064
    80099C5C 0064
    80099C80 0064
    80099CA4 0064
    80099CC8 0064

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