Namco Anthology Volume 2

  • Expert mode (Pac Attack)

    Select arrange mode. Then at the difficulty selection screen, highlight "Veteran", hold Right and press Circle.

  • Edit mode (Road To Godhand)

    Use the "Save Data" option to save the game ten times. Then an "Edit Mode" option will become available.

    Game Shark Codes

    King Of Kings
    Infinite Money80166488 FFFF
    8016648A 0133
    Invincible80176C4C 0019
    Extra Arm Power8012093C 0258
    Infintie Money80120DCC 423F
    80120DCE 000F
    Infinite Life & Magic80176C32 00E0
    801209F2 00E0
    Walk 99
    Max Level (Caetla Users Only)801607F6 0109
    801607F8 1C01
    801607FA 631C
    B01F02FC 00000000
    80160AF2 0809
    B01F02FC 00000000
    80160AF4 1C08
    B01F02FC 00000000
    80160AF6 631C

  • X
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