NBA In The Zone '98

  • Alley-Oop

    When the ball carrier is under the basket while another player is nearby, press R2 + X.

  • Slam dunk

    Approach the basket, hold Turbo and press Shoot.

    Game Shark Codes

    Home Team Score Modifier80065178 00??
    Home Team Scores 080065178 0000
    Home Team Scores 20080065178 00C8
    Infinite Power Home Team800BE760 03E8
    800BE762 03E8
    800BE764 03E8
    800BE766 03E8
    800BE768 03E8
    800BE76A 03E8
    800BE76C 03E8
    800BE76E 03E8
    800BE770 03E8
    800BE772 03E8
    800BE774 03E8
    800BE776 03E8
    Away Team Score Modifier800651BC 00??
    Away Team Scores 0800651BC 0000
    Away Team Scores 200800651BC 00C8
    Infinite Power Away Team800BF1F4 03E8
    800BF1F6 03E8
    800BF1F8 03E8
    800BF1FA 03E8
    800BF1FC 03E8
    800BF1FE 03E8
    800BF200 03E8
    800BF202 03E8
    800BF204 03E8
    800BF206 03E8
    800BF208 03E8
    800BF20A 03E8
    Stop Shot Clock8006BA46 05A0

  • X
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