NCAA Football 2001

  • Cheat Codes

    Enter one of the following cheats at the secret codes screen to activate the corresponding cheat function:

    All stadiums unlockedOPENSESAME
    Juggernaut teamBULLDOZER
    Tiburon teamMAITLAND
    EA Sports teamSANMATEO
    Maximum recruiting pointsHEADCOACH
    Maximum attribute pointsBALLER
    Receivers always catchHANDSOFGLUE
    Defense always interceptsOSKIE
    Slower playersCEMENTFEET
    Faster playersSCRAMBLE
    View CPU playsMINDREADER
    15 second quartersHURRYUP
    Faster daytime effectsDAYNIGHT
    Change the dateY2K
    Wind at maximumSAFETY
    Full poll [Note]POPULARITY

    Note: Press R1(2) at the poll screen to view more team rankings.

    -Some codes from:,, and

  • Touchdown celebrations

    Hold one of the following buttons immediately after scoring a touchdown at the risk of an unsportsman-like conduct penalty:

      Heismen pose

      Hold X.

      Ball spike

      Hold Circle.

      Muscle flexing

      Hold Square.

      Back flip

      Hold Triangle.

      Spin the ball

      Hold R1.

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Creation Points800FE21A 0173
    Always Create Juggernaut Team Type800C6B68 0000
    Team 1 Scores 08008B94A 0000
    Team 2 Scores 0800896D6 0000
    Press L1 + L2 For 1st DownD009A1DA FAFF
    80084A2C 0001
    Press R1 + R2 For 4th DownD009A1DA F5FF
    80084A2C 0004
    Teams Allowed Only 1 DownD0084A2C 0001
    80084A2C 0004

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