Need For Speed 2

  • Drive Ford Indigo car

    Enter "LILZIP" as a password. Normally this car is available after winning tournament mode.

  • Monolithic Studios track

    Enter "SHOTME" as a password. This track goes through various exterior sets of a film studio.

  • Super engine

    Enter "POWRUP" as a password. A Pioneer engine with better acceleration in arcade mode and better acceleration and higher top speed in simulation mode will be available for all cars, including the hidden vehicles. Note: Enter "POWRUP" a second time to increase engine power even more.

  • Additional camera views

    While a track loads, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + X + Triangle + Square + Circle. Then, release the buttons when the race begins to choose from nine camera views instead of the four default angles.

  • In-race map

    Hold Triangle and release it twice to display a map screen.

  • Hidden vehicles

    Enter one of the following passwords to drive the corresponding vehicle or object:

    Vehicle/Object1-player Password2-player Password
    Mercedes BenzBNZMEBNZU
    Citroen 2CVCITMECITU
    Volkswagon BeetleBUGMEBUGU
    Audi QuattroQUATMEQUATU
    Jeep WranglerYJMEYJU
    Volvo station wagonVOVMEVOVU
    Land cruiserLCMELCU
    Jeep CommancheJEPMEJEPU
    Army truckARMYMEARMYU
    Snow plowSNOWMESNOWU
    School busBUSMEBUU
    Semi tractorSEMIMESEMIU
    Covered wagonWAGOMEWAGOU
    Tyranosaurus RexTREXMETREXU
    Vendor stand ASTDAMESTDAU
    Vendor stand BSTDBMESTDBU
    Vendor stand CSTDCMESTDCU
    Wooden crateCRATMECRATU
    OuthouseOUTHME OUTHU

  • Tournament passwords

    Proving GroundsLDKMTD
    Northern CountryHTYSBG
    Mystic PeaksBRQQQG

    Game Shark Codes

    Bonus Car and Track800E292A 0803
    Super Engine80035B80 0001

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