NHL '98

Strategy Guide

  • Super players

    Enter "BEN ST. JOHN", "BRYCE COCHRANE", "JOHN RIXONE" or one of the other names in the credits list, located in the back of the instruction manual.

  • Passwords

    PasswordWhat It Does
    NHLKIDSSmall players
    BIGBIGBig players
    BRAINYBig heads
    PLAYTIMESmall players with large heads, big goalies with large heads
    EAEAOEA Blades bonus team
    FREEEAAdds game developers to the free agent list
    3RD or MASKDMANPlay in teams third jerseys (if available)
    GIPTEAPowerplay awarded to team that allowed last goal
    STANLEYView Stanley Cup FMV sequence

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Creation Points800A2BCA 2400
    800ABBC6 2400
    Home Team Score Modifier8004771A 00??
    Home Team Goals Scores Modifier8007D578 00??
    Away Team Score Modifier80047754 00??
    Away Team Goals Scores Modifier8007D5B0 00??

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