NHL Powerplay '96

  • Super team

    When the screen fades just before the quick start screen or main team selection screen appears, press R2(3), L2(3), Select. Now the logo of the Rad Army Team (Radical Entertainment Team) will appear to the left of the Mighty Ducks logo. This team has a rating of 99.

    Game Shark Codes

    Both Players Choose Radicals8000E250 002C
    SET 1
    Infinite Time801EAA0E 012C
    Home Team Score Modifier801EAA40 00??
    Away Team Score Modifier801EAA44 00??
    SET 2
    Infinite Time801EAA1E 012C
    Home Team Score Modifier801EAA50 00??
    Away Team Score Modifier801EAA54 00??
    SET 3
    Infinite Time801EAA2E 012C
    Home Team Score Modifier801EAA60 00??
    Away Team Score Modifier801EAA64 00??
    SET 4
    Infinite Time801EAA3E 012C
    Home Team Score Modifier801EAA70 00??
    Away Team Score Modifier801EAA74 00??
    SET 5
    Infinite Time801EAA4E 012C
    Home Team Score Modifier801EAA80 00??
    Away Team Score Modifier801EAA84 00??
    SET 6
    Infinite Time801EAA5E 012C
    Home Team Score Modifier801EAA90 00??
    Away Team Score Modifier801EAA94 00??
    SET 7
    Infinite Time801EAA6E 012C
    Home Team Score Modifier801EAAA0 00??
    Away Team Score Modifier801EAAA4 00??
    SET 8
    Infinite Time801EAA7E 012C
    Home Team Score Modifier801EAAB0 00??
    Away Team Score Modifier801EAAB4 00??
    SET 9
    Infinite Time801EAA8E 012C
    Home Team Score Modifier801EAAC0 00??
    Away Team Score Modifier801EAAC4 00??
    SET 10
    Infinite Time801EAA9E 012C
    Home Team Score Modifier801EAAD0 00??
    Away Team Score Modifier801EAAD4 00??

    Note: Each team requires a different set of codes. So, try each set of codes until you find the ones that work for your team.

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