NHL Rock The Rink

  • NHL teams

    Enter "BAILEY" as a code.

  • All boards

    Enter "POWER_SLAM" as a code.

  • Use bonus moves in any mode

    Enter "IAMWEAK" as a code.

  • Sound test

    Enter "NO_CHANCE" as a code.

  • Two player King Of The Rink mode

    At the title screen, press Select, Triangle, R2, L1, Right, Left, Down, X.

  • Longer goal celebrations

    Pause the game while in the front end of the rink and press Right(2), Up, Down, Left, Square(2), Circle.

  • Reapers team

    Become King in King Of The Rink mode.

  • NHL Elite team

    Score a total of 500 goals to get a team consisting of the top six players in the NHL.

  • Infinite turbo

    Win the NHL Challenge using a created team.

  • Double speed

    Win King Of The Rink mode four consecutive times.

  • Bubble hockey

    Win arcade mode on the medium difficulty setting two consecutive times.

  • Big nets

    Lose three consecutive games.

  • Giant players

    Win the fighting belt.

  • Start NHL Challenge with Rock The Rink belt

    Choose the "Quick Game" selection and begin a game. Win the game to get a belt. You can now start NHL Challenge and still keep the belt.

  • Glowing gloves

    Select any Rock The Rink team in the NHL and choose to win new gear. Keep playing until the game notifies you that you have won the extra gear. Play again to have glowing gloves on your players.

    Game Shark Codes

    Red Team Bonus is Always at its Highest800900C8 03E8
    Red Team Score Modifier8009009C 00??
    Red Team Shot Modifier800900A0 00??
    Red Team One-Timers Modifier800900A4 00??
    Red Team One-Timer Goals Modifier800900A8 00??
    Red Team Pass Modifier800900C0 00??
    Red Team Hits Modifier800900B0 00??
    Red Team Bonuses Modifier800900C4 00??
    Red Team Face-Offs Won Modifier800900BC 00??
    Blue Team Bonus is Always at its Highest80090114 03E8
    Blue Team Score Modifier800900E8 00??
    Blue Team Shot Modifier800900EC 00??
    Blue Team One-Timers Modifier800900F0 00??
    Blue Team One-Timer Goals Modifier800900F4 00??
    Blue Team Pass Modifier8009010C 00??
    Blue Team Hits Modifier800900FC 00??
    Blue Team Bonuses Modifier80090110 00??
    Blue Team Face-Offs Won Modifier80090108 00??
    Goals Scored Modifier800116A4 00??

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