Project Horned Owl

  • Extra options

    Beat the game on the very hard difficulty level. Then, the following options will now become available: Polygon test (view enemies from any angle), Mission select, Movie test (view all FMV sequences), and Audio test.

  • Extra continues

    Start a game in single player mode. Then on controller two just before losing your last life, press Start to gain three additional continues.

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Ammo P1 800B94BC 6B00
    Infinite Grenades P1800B94C6 0318
    Infinite Health P1800B94BE 0064
    Infinite Continues P1800BA954 0005
    Infinite Ammo P2800B94CC 7200
    Infinite Grenades P2800B94D6 0318
    Infintie Health P2800B94CE 0064
    Infinite Continues P2800BA985 0005

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