Robotron X

  • Power-ups

    While playing the game, quickly press one of the following button sequences (shown under the default controller configuration) to make the corresponding power-up appear next to your character. Note: Each power-up may only be enabled five times per level.


      Press Down, Left, Square, Circle.

      Two-way shot

      Press Up, Triangle, Up, Triangle.

      Three-way shot

      Press Right(2), Square, X.

      Four-way shot

      Press Down(2), Up, Circle.

      Pulse wave

      Press Up, Circle, Down, Right, Square.


      Press Left(2), Right(2), Triangle.

      Flame thrower

      Press Down, Right, Down, Right, Circle.

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Lives P1800933F8 0005
    Score Modifier P1800933F4 ????
    Infinite Lives P280094204 0005
    Scorfe Modifier P280094200 ????
    Always Play Level Modifier801C1828 00??
    Start on Level ModifierD01C1828 0001
    801C1828 00??

  • X
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