Soul Blade

Strategy Guide

Note: This game is titled Soul Edge in Japan.

  • Play as Soul Edge

    Enter "ALL" as a name. Alternatively, beat the game with all the regular characters on any difficulty setting or play the game a total of twenty cumulative hours.

  • Play as Siegfried!, Sophitia!, and Sophitia!!

    Obtain all eight weapons for both Siegfried and Sophitia to play as Siegfried! and Sophitia!. They are alternate characters that have different costumes. Sophitia's third version, Sophitia!!, will be accessible after obtaining all 70 weapons in Edge Master mode.

  • Play as Han Myong

    Perform Hwang's followed by Seung Mi Na's alternate endings.

  • Get last weapon in Edge Master mode

    Beat SoulEdge and let the ending sequence complete. Then, after returning to the map screen, press K and choose Move. Now the CPU will select a destination. If you lose the match, press K again and allow the CPU to select the country. The CPU will always select the location of the last weapon.

  • Alternate title screen

    Beat the game with all ten characters. Then, the title screen will change to one that shows all of the characters.

  • Alternate costumes

    At the character selection screen, select your character with one of the following buttons to fight in the corresponding costumes:

      A: Default
      B: Alternate default color
      A + G: Guard
      B + G: Alternate guard color
      K: New Soul Blade
  • Alternate endings

    Enter the following sequences during the ending when the black lines at the top and bottom of the screen disappear:

      Cervantes: Press B.
      Hwang: Press A.
      Li Long: Press A, B repeatedly to make him stand up.
      Mitsurugi: Beat Tanegashima by pressing Left or Right to avoid the bullet. Then run forward and attack with B before he reloads.
      Rock: Press B.
      Seung Mina: Quickly press D, U to make her dodge.
      Siegfried: Press B.
      Sophitia: Move Right.
      Taki: Press G to guard Soul Edge's attack.
      Voldo: Quickly press U, D repeatedly until Soul Edge breaks.
  • Camera control during ending sequence
      Hold A: Zoom in
      Hold B: Zoom out
      Up: Top view
      Down: Horizontal view
      Left: Spin counter-clockwise
      Right: Spin clockwise

    Game Shark Codes

    Version 1.0

    Unlock Soul Edge & Han Myong8009AB4E 1107
    All Weapons Cervantes800EA352 FFFF
    800EA368 FFFF
    All Weapons Hwang800EA350 FFFF
    800EA366 FFFF
    All Weapons Li Long800EA346 FFFF
    800EA35C FFFF
    All Weapons Mitsurugi800EA340 FFFF
    800EA356 FFFF
    All Weapons Rock800EA34E FFFF
    800EA364 FFFF
    All Weapons Seigfried800EA34C FFFF
    800EA362 FFFF
    All Weapons Seung Mina800EA342 FFFF
    800EA358 FFFF
    All Weapons Taki800EA344 FFFF
    800EA35A FFFF
    All Weapons Voldo800EA348 FFFF
    800EA35E FFFF
    All Weapons Sophitia800EA34A FFFF
    800EA360 FFFF
    All Weapons (GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)50001402 0000
    800EA340 FFFF
    Title Screen Modifier8009AB40 0???
    Player 1 Codes
    Infinite Health800BFFBA 00F0
    75% HealthD00BFFBA 00F0
    800BFFBA 00B4
    50% HealthD00BFFBA 00F0
    800BFFBA 0078
    25% HealthD00BFFBA 00F0
    800BFFBA 003C
    No Health800BFFBA 0000
    One-Hit KillD00BFFBA 00F0
    800BFFBA 0001
    Infinite Sword Power800C0116 0060
    No Sword Power800C0116 0000
    Player 2 Codes
    Infinite Health800C2EF2 00F0
    75% HealthD00C2EF2 00F0
    800C2EF2 00B4
    50% HealthD00C2EF2 00F0
    800C2EF2 0078
    25% HealthD00C2EF2 00F0
    800C2EF2 003C
    No Energy800C2EF2 0000
    One-Hit KillD00C2EF2 00F0
    800C2EF2 0001
    Infinite Sword Power800C304E 0060
    No Sword Power800C304E 0000
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Title Screen Modifier Code
    000 - Normal Screen
    109 - Character Screen

    Version 1.1

    All Weapons Cervantes800EA352 FFFF
    800EA528 FFFF
    All Weapons Hwang800EA510 FFFF
    800EA526 FFFF
    All Weapons Li Long800EA506 FFFF
    800EA51C FFFF
    All Weapons Mitsurugi800EA500 FFFF
    800EA516 FFFF
    All Weapons Rock800EA50E FFFF
    800EA524 FFFF
    All Weapons Seigfried800EA50C FFFF
    800EA522 FFFF
    All Weapons Seung Mina800EA502 FFFF
    800EA518 FFFF
    All Weapons Taki800EA504 FFFF
    800EA51A FFFF
    All Weapons Voldo800EA508 FFFF
    800EA51E FFFF
    All Weapons Sophitia800EA50A FFFF
    800EA520 FFFF
    All Weapons (GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)50001402 0000
    800EA500 FFFF
    All Weapons Equal800A678C 0008
    Start on Final Stage [Note]800B270C 000A
    Ridiculous Code800A4878 007F
    Very Ridiculous Code800A4884 007F
    Goofy Code800A48B0 FFFF
    Very Nervous Code800A4934 00FF
    Goofy Opponents Code800A4F7C 005F
    Very Jumpy Code800A4870 007F
    Player 1 Codes
    Infinite Health800C017A 00F0
    75% HealthD00C017A 00F0
    800C017A 00B4
    50% HealthD00C017A 00F0
    800C017A 0078
    25% HealthD00C017A 00F0
    800C017A 003C
    No Health800C017A 0000
    One-Hit KillD00C017A 00F0
    800C017A 0001
    Infinite Sword Power800C02D6 0060
    No Sword Power800C02D6 0000
    Player 2 Codes
    Infinite Health800C30B2 00F0
    75% HealthD00C30B2 00F0
    800C30B2 00B4
    50% HealthD00C30B2 00F0
    800C30B2 0078
    25% HealthD00C30B2 00F0
    800C30B2 003C
    No Energy800C30B2 0000
    One-Hit KillD00C30B2 00F0
    800C30B2 0001
    Infinite Sword Power800C320E 0060
    No Sword Power800C320E 0000

    Note: Turn the Game Shark off after starting on the final stage or you will continue fighting on the final stage.

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