Spectral Force 2

  • View soldier movement

    At the soldier status screen, press Right or Left to move idle soldiers as if in battle.

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Soldiers801BB15C 270F
    Infinite Money801CF4A4 03E7
    801CFC5A 03E7
    801CF8AE 03E7
    Max Status80109E40 03E7
    80109D36 03E7
    80109ED8 03E7
    80109F4A 03E7
    8010A0EC 03E7
    8010A184 03E7
    801CF738 03E7
    801CFDD6 03E7
    801CFF4C 03E7
    Use Magic Anytime3010FB26 0064
    3010FB30 0064
    3010FB3A 0064
    3010FB44 0064
    3010FB4E 0064
    Press Select for Soldier RecoveryD00FE3C0 0100
    3010FB2A 03E7
    D00FE3C0 0100
    3010FB34 03E7
    D00FE3C0 0100
    3010FB3E 03E7
    D00FE3C0 0100
    3010FB48 03E7
    D00FE3C0 0100
    3010FB52 03E7

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