The Smurfs

  • Level select

    Start a new game and select the "It's No Picnic" mode. Press X and wait for the FMV sequence to complete. Then, press L1, Up(2), Down, Up, Left(2), Up, R2.

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Lives800A2C9A 0005
    Infinite Health801E24B4 000A
    Infinite Rattles in Piece O' Cake Mode8009C66C 0063
    Infinite Baby Bottles in Piece O' Cake Mode8009C664 0063
    Have All 30 Quarter Moons800A2C96 001E
    Start With 99 Bonus PointsD00A2C92 0000
    800A2C92 0063
    Unlock Night Ride Level800A221C FFFF
    Unlock Underground Exploration Level800A2234 FFFF
    Unlock Snowbound Level800A224C FFFF
    Unlock On The Mountain Top Level800A2264 FFFF
    Unlock Alone In The Dark Level800A227C FFFF
    Unlock Ice Cave Level800A2294 FFFF
    Unlock The Diamond Mine Level800A22AC FFFF
    Unlock Splish Splash Level800A22C4 FFFF
    Unlock Gargamel's Castle Level800A22DC FFFF

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