Space Invaders

Strategy Guide

  • Level select

    At the main menu, select either one or two players and press Circle (instead of X) to begin the game. Then a selection screen that allows any level, including planet Mercury with a new power-up and an "Alien World" featuring the best background in the game will appear.

  • Classic mode and credits

    Enable the "Level select" code, choose level 00, and complete it to unlock an ending, classic mode, and credits. Press Right when selecting then number of players to access classic mode. Enter the options screen to access the credits.

  • Nine lives

    Pause the game and quickly press Right(3), Down, Circle, Left, Down.

  • Five shots

    Pause the game and quickly press Down, Left, Circle, Down, Right(3).

    Game Shark Codes

    Joker Command P1D00E0C8C ????
    Joker Command P2D00E0CAC ????
    Infinite Lives P1800EF6C8 FF63
    Invisibility P1800EF6C0 004A
    Max Score P1D00EF6CC 0000
    800EF6CC FFFF
    Infinite Lives P2800EF794 FF63
    Invisibility P2800EF78C 004A
    Max Score P2D00EF798 0000
    800EF798 FFFF
    Extra Life (Both Players)8005DB30 0001
    Infinite Lives (Both Players)8005DB3A 2400
    Infinite Continue Time8003DF36 2400

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