Soviet Strike

  • Infinite attempts

    Enter any valid level password, but press Triangle instead of Start to clear the entry. Then, enter "ELVISLIVES" as a password.

  • Christmas bonus

    Go to the south-eastern corner of the Crimea strike map to find Santa Claus and the reindeer getting ready to depart for the holidays. Shoot the sleigh without hitting Santa or the reindeer to receive an extra life.

  • Cheat Codes

    Enter one of the following codes as a password:

    CodeWhat It Does
    MOUNTADEWInfinite fuel
    STRANGELUVInfinite ammunition
    IAMWOMANInfinite armor
    MIDNIGHOILInfinite ammunition, fuel, and invincibility
    FUGAZIInfinite ammunition, fuel, and attempts
    THEBIGBOYSInfinite fuel, attempts, and armor
    VULTUREDouble fuel mileage
    SADISSAFour attempts
    DAVEDITHERDouble damage
    ANGRYLOCALHelicopter viewed as hostile
    GHANDIHelicopter viewed as friendly
    QUAKERPeaceful world

  • Level passwords

    NOSFERATU (Start with 7 lives)

    Game Shark Codes

    Joker Command800ADA3A ????
    Infinite Fuel80083786 6400
    Infinte Ammo8004C1F0 0000
    8004C1F2 0000
    Infinite Armor80083680 05DC
    Infinite Chain Gun (Level 1)800F51D4 049A
    Infinite Chain Gun (Level 2)800F2C5C 049A
    Infinite Chain Gun (Level 3)800F387C 049A
    Infinite Chain Gun (Level 4)800FDB64 049A
    Infinite Chain Gun (Level 5)800F80AC 049A
    Infinite Hydra Rockets (Level 1)800F51EC 0025
    Infinite Hydra Rockets (Level 2)800F2C74 0025
    Infinite Hydra Rockets (Level 3)800F3894 0025
    Infinite Hydra Rockets (Level 4)800FDB7C 0025
    Infinite Hydra Rockets (Level 5)800F80C4 0025
    Infinite Hellfire Missiles (Level 1)800F5204 0008
    Infinite Hellfire Missiles (Level 2)800F2C8C 0008
    Infinite Hellfire Missiles (Level 3)800F38AC 0008
    Infinite Hellfire Missiles (Level 4)800FDB94 0008
    Infinite Hellfire Missiles (Level 5)800F80DC 0008
    Infinite Wing-Tip Missiles (Level 1)800F521C 0008
    Infinite Wing-Tip Missiles (Level 2)800F2CA4 0008
    Infinite Wing-Tip Missiles (Level 3)800F38C4 0008
    Infinite Wing-Tip Missiles (Level 4)800FDBAC 0008
    Infinite Wing-Tip Missiles (Level 5)800F80F4 0008
    Infinite Attempts (All Levels)30074E60 0005
    Level Select (0-4)30074E61 000?
    Enemies Will Not Attack You80083776 0006

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