Star Fighter

Strategy Guide

  • Cheat mode

    Go to the "Configure" option from the main menu. Then, select the "Enter Player Name" option from the configure menu. Now enter "COFFEE_N_PICKLE as a name, where "_" indicates a space. Select the "Enter Player Name" option again. If you entered the code correctly, the phrase "CHEAT NOW" will appear at the bottom of the Name Entry screen. Now the enter the following names to activate various cheats:


      Enter "DANIEL_DEFOE" as a player name, where "_" indicates a space. Now a ship with full armaments and capabilities will be available. The ship does not have wing pods and does not resemble a true Megaship. However, unlike a true Megaship the enhanced ship will be permanent.

      Show hidden bonuses

      Enter "SHOW_ME" as a player name, where "_" indicates a space. Now hidden bonuses in the game will be displayed.

      Mission select

      Enter "ROGER_THE_CAT" as a player name, where "_" indicates a space. Now any mission within a pyramid may be selected for game play. Press L1 when a mission is highlighted to mark it as completed.

      Pyramid select

      Enter "WAG" as a player name. Now a new option labeled "SELECT LEVEL" will appear on the main menu below "NEW GAME". This will allow selection of a specific pyramid for a game.

    Game Shark Codes

    Enable Code (Must Be On)8008B114 3031
    Infinite Armor801051DC 0080
    Infinite Air to Air Missiles80166B74 000A
    Infinite Air to Ground Missiles80166B80 000A
    Infinite Multi-Missiles80166B8C 000A
    Infinite Energy80166B78 000A
    Infinite Mega Bombs80166B84 000A
    Infinite Beam Lasers80166B88 000A
    Infinite Mines80166B90 000A
    Infinite ECM's80166B94 0065
    Thruster Upgrade80166B6C 0022
    Control Upgrade80166B70 0011

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