Spyro The Dragon

Strategy Guide

  • Level select

    Pause the game, enter the "Inventory" menu, and press Square(2), Circle, Square, Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle, Up, Right, Down. Then, go to the balloonist to select any level in the game.

  • Ninety-nine lives

    Pause the game, enter the "Inventory" menu, and press Square(6), Circle, Up, Circle, Left, Circle, Right, Circle.

  • Crash Bandicoot: Warped demo

    When "Press Start" appears at the opening screen, press L1 + Triangle.

  • Bonus level

    Collect all the gems in every level to access a bonus level.

  • Faster running

    While playing the game, hold Run + Jump.

  • Avoid dying

    Pause the game and exit the current level if faced with imminent death by falling. Note: This may not be done in the home levels.

    Game Shark Codes

    Invincible80078BC0 0001
    80078BC2 0001
    Infinite Lives8007582C 0009
    Infinite Health80078BBC 0003
    Infinite Time on Flying Levels80075840 053C
    80075908 053C
    Super Jump80078BB0 33E7
    Super Speed80078B9E 0001
    Moon JumpD0077380 0040
    80078AD8 0000
    Always Have Key80075830 0001
    Always Have Super Flame Breath80078768 02DA
    Have All Dragon Eggs80075810 000C
    Have Over 65,000 Jewels 80075860 FFFF
    Have All 8 Rings in Flight80078630 0008
    Have All 8 Chests in Flight80078634 0008
    Have All 8 Arches in Flight80078638 0008
    Have All 8 Lights in Flight8007863C 0008
    Overall Have Freed All Dragons80075750 0045
    Artisans World
    Home Have All Stolen Treasures80077420 0064
    Home Have All Dragons Free800772D8 0004
    Dark Hollow Have All Stolen Treasures80077428 0064
    Dark Hallow Have All Dragons Free800772E0 0003
    Town Square Have All Stolen Treasures8007742C 00C8
    Town Square Have All Dragons Free800772E4 0004
    Stone Hill Have All Stolen Treasures80077424 00C8
    Stone Hill Have All Dragons Free800772DC 0004
    Peace Keepers World
    Home Have All Stolen Treasures80077438 00C8
    Home Have All Dragons Free800772F0 0003
    Dry Canyon Have All Stolen Treasures8007743C 0190
    Dry Canyon Have All Dragons Free800772F4 0004
    Cliff Town Have All Stolen Treasures80077440 0190
    Cliff Town Have All Dragons Free800772F8 0003
    Ice Cavern Have All Stolen Treasures80077444 0190
    Ice Cavern Have All Dragons Free800772FC 0005
    Doctor Shemp Have All Stolen Treasures80077448 012C
    Doctor Shemp Have All Dragons Free80077300 0001
    Night Flight Have All Stolen Treasures in Flight8007744C 012C
    Magic Crafters World
    Home Have All Stolen Treasures80077450 012C
    Home Have All Dragons Free80077308 0003
    Alpine Ridge Have All Stolen Treasures80077454 01F4
    Alpine Ridge Have All Dragons Free8007730C 0004
    High Caves Have All Stolen Treasures80077458 01F4
    High Caves Have All Dragons Free80077310 0003
    Wizard Peak Have All Stolen Treasures8007745C 01F4
    Wizard Peak Have All Dragons Free80077314 0003
    Blowhard Have All Stolen Treasures80077460 0190
    Blowhard Have All Dragons Free80077318 0001
    Crystal Flight Have All Stolen Treasures80077464 012C
    Beast Makers World
    Home Have All Stolen Treasures80077468 012C
    Home Have All Dragons Free80077320 0002
    Terrace Village Have All Stolen Treasures8007746C 0190
    Terrace Village Have All Dragons Free800777324 0002
    Misty Bog Have All Stolen Treasures80077470 01F4
    Misty Bog Have All Dragons Free800777328 0004
    Tree Tops Have All Stolen Treasures80077474 01F4
    Tree Tops Home Have All Dragons Free80077732C 0003
    Metalhead Have All Stolen Treasures80077478 01F4
    Metalhead Have All Dragons Free800777330 0001
    Wild Flight Have All Stolen Treasures8007747C 012C
    Dream Weavers World
    Home Have All Stolen Treasures80077480 012C
    Home Have All Dragons Free800777338 0003
    Dark Passage Have All Stolen Treasures80077484 01F4
    Dark Passage Have All Dragons Free80077733C 0005
    Lofty Castle Have All Stolen Treasures80077488 0190
    Lofty Castle Have All Dragons Free800777340 0003
    Haunted Towers Have All Stolen Treasures8007748C 01F4
    Haunted Towers Have All Dragons Free800777344 0003
    Jacques Have All Stolen Treasures80077490 01F4
    Jacques Have All Dragons Free800777348 0002
    Icy Flight All Stolen Treasures80077494 012C
    Crash Bandicoot: Warped Demo
    Infinite Lives800AAEB0 0400

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