Twisted Metal 2

Strategy Guide

  • Invincibility

    While playing the game, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and quickly press Up, Down, Left, Right(2), Left, Down, Up. If you entered the code correctly, a sound and text message will appear.

  • Infinite weapons

    While playing the game, hold R2 + L2 and quickly press Up, Down, Left, Right(2), Left, Down, Up. If you entered the code correctly, a sound and text message will appear.

  • Super machine guns

    While playing the game, hold R2 and quickly press Up, Down, Left, Right(2), Left, Down, Up. If you entered the code correctly, a sound and text message will appear.

  • Trade weapons for health

    While playing the game, press Down, Up, Right, Left, Up(2), Down(2). This will trade all weapons in your inventory for health. The more weapons you have in your inventory, the more health you will receive.

  • More damage

    While playing the game as Axel, hold R1 and press Up, Down, Left, Right(2), Left, Down, Up. Now when Axel runs into something, it will do a large amount of damage. Note: This code only works for Axel.

  • Homing napalm

    Get at least two napalms. Fire a napalm, keep the button held, and press Up, Down(2), Left(3), Right(2). If you entered the code correctly, extra napalms will appear in your inventory. Any napalms collected will act as homing napalms when fired and track their intended target.

  • Play as Sweet Tooth

    At the vehicle selection screen, press Up, L1, Triangle, Right. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound of an explosion. Note: The stage password will not be accessible with this code.

  • Play as Minion

    At the vehicle selection screen, press L1, Up, Down, Left. Note: The stage password will not be accessible with this code.

  • Jet Moto Suicide Swamp bonus level

    At the two player challenge match track selection screen, press Up, Down, Right, R1. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a loud noise.

  • Rooftop bonus level

    At the two player challenge match track selection screen, press Down, Left, R1, Down. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a loud noise.

  • Cyburbia bonus level

    At the two player challenge match track selection screen, press Down, Up, L1, R1. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a loud noise.

  • Hidden FMV sequence

    At the SingleTrac logo screen, press Up, Down, L1, R1. Enter the code when the logo changes into its second form.

  • Random vehicle

    At the vehicle selection screen, press R1.

  • Weapon list

    While playing the game, press Select + Down to select weapons from a list instead of a group of icons.

  • Rear view mirror

    While playing the game, press Select + Right.

  • Disable radar

    While playing the game, press Select + Left.

  • Alternate views

    While playing the game in one player mode, hold Up and press Select to switch to an overhead and helicopter view. In two player mode, this will alternate how the screen is split.

  • Hints, tips, and tricks
      Refill life bar

      Run over ten people to regain energy.

      Subway recharge

      Enter the subway tracks In Hong Kong, then jump on the train and remain there. When you go up through an archway the message "Free Train Ride" will appear accompanied by a loud bang. Your health and special items will be recharged.

      Ride the Subway in Hong Kong

      When the subway starts coming around, drive in front of it, lining yourself with the subway's path. Do it someone on the track where it's flat and easy to jump, and if you time a jump correctly, you can get on top of the subway.

      Things to destroy in Los Angeles

      The Hollywood sign will blow up after one hit from a power missile. The small bridge will explode after one remote bomb. The glass to both tunnels will break open. The water jets that shoot water can be blown up. The buildings near them can also be destroyed.

      Shoot the box labeled Twisted Metal with your machine guns to reveal a remote bomb.

      Things to destroy in Moscow

      Blow up the ramps by going to the purple taser beam. Place a remote bomb in the exact center and run. It will blow up all the ramps. Go up the ramp and shoot a napalm at the object hovering in the middle to blow up the remaining ramps. The pictures on the side of the fence all will burn except the picture of the ice cream truck.

      Things to destroy in Paris

      Use the transporter to beam up, then plant a remote bomb at the Eiffel Tower. Immediately use your turbos, then detonate the bomb.

      Things to destroy in Amazonia

      Shoot a missile at the large statue to reveal a tunnel leading underground. Shoot another missile at the end of the tunnel to reveal the exit.

      Go to the large stone structure (not the statue). Look carefully to find two hidden doors. After destroying the door on the right, shoot out the candles with your machine guns to find ammo.

      Things to destroy in New York

      Shoot the Statue of Liberty until the torch lights in the New York stage. Then, shoot it until its clothes explode to see the statue in a bikini. Continue to fire at the statue to eventually destroy it.

      The top of one building has a silver box. Destroy it and fall through to find a hidden pool inside the building.

      Things to destroy in Holland

      Fire one or two missiles to destroy the windmills.

      Things to destroy in Hong Kong

      Keep shooting at the railroad cars in the tunnel to destroy them after a certain amount of time passes.

      Ramming hit

      Select Minion as a character and enable the "Invincibility" code for infinite turbos. Turn on the turbo and ram into the other cars.

      Flying over Paris

      Select Twister as a character, enable the "Invincibility" code and play the Paris level. Destroy the Eiffel tower and drive down the ramp. Then, go left at the left walkway. Take another left and go to the edge of the building. Use a remote mine and ride the explosion into the sky. Use the turbo as soon as the mine detonates to take off.

      Leaving Los Angeles

      Select Twister as a character, enable the "Invincibility" code and play the Los Angeles level. Get on top of the tunnel that does not have the transporter. Drive to the very edge of the grassy area and place a remote mine at this location. Wait and ride the explosion. Use the turbo as soon as Twister leaves the ground to leave the level.

      Playing as Spectre

      Use your speed to get way from opponents, then come right back at them with long rang homing missiles. Speed and missiles make him a very effective character.

      The following strategy works best in Hong Kong and is useful when fighting Dark Tooth. Put some distance between you and your opponent and watch him on radar. When he is directly behind you, fire backwards with your special and homing missiles. Run away and repeat. Another good attack that can be used be all fast characters is to freeze your enemy, lay a remote bomb right next to him, get away, then detonate the bomb.

      Defeating Minion

      Destroy one of the stone blocks the covers the tunnel entrance on the Lava stage. Once inside, turn around and wait for Minion to approach the entrance. Then, stay in the tunnel but fire napalm outside. Minion will not enter the tunnel. The best place to perform this trick is at the base of the ramp. Once his power is depleted, go out with full power and use any weapon to destroy him.

  • Special moves

    Invisibility (three seconds)Right, Down, Left, Up
    ShieldUp(2), Right
    FreezeLeft, Right, Up
    NapalmRight, Left, Up
    JumpUp(2), Left
    MinesRight, Left, Down
    Rear attackLeft, Right, Down
    Rear freezeLeft, Right, Down, Left, Right, Up
    Rear napalmLeft, Right, Down, Right, Left, Up
    Minion attackUp, Down, Up(2), R2

    Note: Minion's Attack can be used by any vehicle.

  • Level passwords

    MoscowX, Triangle, X, X, _, _
    ParisCircle, Triangle, Square, _, Triangle, _
    AmazoniaTriangle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle, _
    New York_, Triangle, Square, Square, X, _
    AntarcticaX, X, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Circle
    HollandCircle, X, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Circle
    Hong KongTriangle, X, Circle, X, X, Circle
    Dark ToothTriangle, Square, Triangle, Square, _, Square
    MoscowTriangle, X, Circle, _, _, _
    ParisX, Triangle, Circle, Square, Square, Circle
    Amazonia_, X, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Circle
    New YorkCircle, Triangle, X, Circle, _, Square
    AntarcticaX, Square, Square, Circle, _, Triangle
    HollandTriangle, Triangle, X, Square, Circle, Triangle
    Hong KongCircle, Square, Square, Circle, X, Triangle
    Dark ToothX, _, X, Square, Square, _
    Moscow_, Triangle, X, X, X, _, Square
    Paris _, X, Triangle, Square, X, Triangle
    AmazoniaTriangle, _, _, _, X, Circle
    New YorkTriangle, Triangle, X, Triangle, X, X
    AntarcticaTriangle, X, Triangle, Circle, X, Square
    HollandTriangle, Square, Square, X, Square, _
    Hong KongCircle, Triangle, Circle, Square, Square, Triangle
    Dark ToothCircle, Circle, Circle, _, Triangle, X
    Mr. Grimm
    MoscowTriangle, Triangle, X, X, Circle, _
    ParisCircle, X, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, X
    AmazoniaX, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
    New YorkTriangle, _, _, Circle, X, Circle
    AntarcticaCircle, Triangle, X, Triangle, X, _
    HollandX, X, Triangle, _, Circle, X
    Hong Kong_, X, Circle, Triangle, Square, Square
    Dark Tooth_, Square, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Triangle
    Mr. Slam
    MoscowX, X, Triangle, Square, X, _
    ParisX, _, _, Circle, X, Square
    AmazoniaCircle, Triangle, Square, _, Square, X
    New YorkTriangle, X, Circle, Square, _, Circle
    AntarcticaTriangle, _, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle
    Holland_, Circle, _, _, Circle, _
    Honk KongSquare, _, _, Triangle, _, Triangle
    Dark ToothSquare, _, Square, Triangle, Circle, X
    Outlaw 2
    Moscow_, X, Circle, _, Triangle, _
    ParisTriangle, Triangle, X, Circle, Triangle, _
    AmazoniaTriangle, Square, Square, Square, Triangle, _
    New YorkCircle, X, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, _
    AntarcticaX, Triangle, Circle, X, Triangle, _
    HollandX, Square, Square, _, Triangle
    Hong Kong_, Triangle, X, Square, X, X
    Dark Tooth_, Circle, X, _, Triangle, _
    Road Kill
    MoscowCircle, X, Triangle, Square, Square, _
    ParisTriangle, _, Triangle, _, _, Circle
    AmazoniaX, X, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle
    New YorkCircle, _, _, X, _, X
    Antarctica_, Triangle, Square, X, Circle, _
    HollandX, _, _, Triangle, _, Square
    Hong KongTriangle, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle
    Dark ToothTriangle, Circle, X, Triangle, Square, X,
    MoscowSquare, _, _, Triangle, Triangle, _
    ParisX, Triangle, X, Square, Circle, Triangle
    AmazoniaX, X, Circle, _, Triangle, X
    New YorkX, _, _, X, Circle, Square
    AntarcticaCircle, X, Circle, Circle, X, Circle
    HollandCircle, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, _
    Hong KongCircle, _, Triangle, _, Square, X
    Dark ToothCircle, Triangle, _, Triangle, Circle, _
    MoscowCircle, Triangle, X, X, Triangle, _
    Paris_, Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle, X
    AmazoniaCircle, X, Triangle, Square, Triangle, X
    New York_, X, Circle, X, X, Triangle
    AntarcticaX, _, _, _, Circle, Triangle
    HollandTriangle, _, _, Square, X, Square
    Hong KongX, Triangle, X, Triangle, Circle, Square
    Dark ToothX, Circle, Circle, Circle, _, Triangle
    MoscowCircle, _, _, Triangle, X, _
    ParisX, Square, Square, Circle, Circle, Triangle
    AmazoniaTriangle, X, Circle, _, Square, _
    New YorkX, X, Triangle, Triangle, X, Triangle
    AntarcticaTriangle, Triangle, Square, _, _, _
    HollandX, Triangle, X, _, Square, Triangle
    Hong KongTriangle, _, _, Square, Triangle, _
    Dark ToothTriangle, _, Square, Square, X, Circle
    MoscowX, _, _, Triangle, Circle, _
    ParisTriangle, X, Circle, Circle, X, Triangle
    Amazonia_, Triangle, Square, X, Square, Circle
    New YorkX, Triangle, X, Circle, X, _
    AntarcticaCircle, _, _, X, Square, Triangle
    Holland_, X, X, _, _, Circle
    Hong KongX, X, Triangle, X, Square, _
    Dark ToothX, Square, _, Square, Triangle, Circle
    MoscowTriangle, _, _, Triangle, Square, _
    ParisTriangle, Square, Square, Square, X, Square
    AmazoniaCircle, Square, Square, Circle, X, X
    New YorkX, Square, Square, _, X, Circle
    Antarctica_, X, Circle, Triangle, _, Square
    HollandTriangle, X, Triangle, Square, _, X
    Hong KongCircle, X, Triangle, Circle, _, Circle
    Dark ToothCircle, Square, Space, Circle, Circle, Square

    Note: "_" indicates a space.

    Game Shark Codes

    Enable Sweet Tooth30180D04 0001
    Enable Minion30180D05 0001
    Always Play Level ?80164774 000?
    Start on Level ?D0164774 0001
    80164774 000?
    Background is ?8001A0A2 0?08
    Both Players Cars8003434A 0?0E
    Both Players Drivers800347F2 0?0E
    Player 1 Codes
    Infinite Specials801882E6 0063
    Infinite Fire Missiles801882E8 0063
    Infinite Homing Missiles801882EA 0063
    Infinite Remote Bombs801882EC 0063
    Infinite Power Missiles801882EE 0063
    Infinite Napalms801882F0 0063
    Infinite Richochet Bombs801882F2 0063
    Infinite Lightning801882F4 0063
    Infinite Lives80164770 FF03
    Infinite Energy80187D00 0078
    75% EnergyD0187D00 0078
    80187D00 005A
    50% EnergyD0187D00 0078
    80187D00 003C
    25% EnergyD0187D00 0078
    80187D00 001E
    No Energy80187D00 0000
    1-Hit DeathD0187D00 0078
    80187D00 0001
    Infinite Turbo8018830A 00C8
    No Turbo8018830A 0000
    Infinite Advanced Attack Energy Bar80188308 0400
    No Advanced Attack Energy Bar80188308 0000
    Mega Rapid Fire801882FE 0000
    Disable Weapons (Except Gun)801882E4 0F0F
    Infinite Everything (Except Energy and Lives)801882DA 0F0F
    Speed is Always ????80187D08 ????
    Player 2 Codes
    Infinite Specials80188AFA 0063
    Infinite Fire Missiles80188AFC 0063
    Infinite Homing Missiles80188AFE 0063
    Infinite Remote Bombs80188B00 0063
    Infinite Power Missiles80188B02 0063
    Infinite Napalms P280188B04 0063
    Infinite Richochet Bombs80188B06 0063
    Infinite Lightning80188B08 0063
    Infinite Energy80188514 0078
    75% EnergyD0188514 0078
    80188514 005A
    50% EnergyD0188514 0078
    80188514 003C
    25% EnergyD0188514 0078
    80188514 001E
    No Energy80188514 0000
    1-Hit DeathD0188514 0078
    80188514 0001
    Infinite Turbo80188B1E 00C8
    No Turbo80188B1E 0000
    Infinite Advanced Attack Energy Bar80188B1C 0400
    No Advanced Attack Energy Bar80188B1C 0000
    Mega Rapid Fire80188B12 0000
    Disable Weapons (Except Gun)80188AF8 0F0F
    Infinite Everything (Except Energy and Lives)80188AEE 0F0F
    Speed is Always ????8018851C ????
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Background and Level Modifier Codes
    01 - Los Angeles
    02 - Moscow
    03 - Paris
    04 - Amazonia
    05 - New York
    06 - Antarctica
    07 - Holland
    08 - Hong Kong
    09 - (Glitches)
    0A - Jet Moto Course
    0B - Cyburbia
    0C - Rooftop
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Driver and Car Modifier Codes
    00 - Hammerhead
    01 - Outlaw 2
    02 - Warthog
    03 - Mr. Grimm
    04 - Grasshopper
    05 - Thumper
    06 - Spectre
    07 - Road Kill
    08 - Twister
    09 - Axel
    0A - Mr. Slam
    0B - Shadow
    0C - Sweet Tooth
    0D - Minion
    0E - Darktooth (Glitches Periodically) (Switch View to See Greatest)

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