Tyco R/C: Assault With A Battery

  • Super Rebound 4X4

    Win the 6V challenge with the Rebound 4X4.

  • Collect Tyco and Flipped Track modes

    Complete 6V mode, then press Left at the main menu.

  • Bonus charges

    Get 9 points in the mini-games that appear while the game loads to get three charges at the start of the race.

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Energy800DE67C 03FF
    Unlock All Modes800E567C 0012
    Unlock All Cars800E566E 0101
    800E566A 0101
    800E5668 0101
    Always Place FirstD30D5AE6 0000
    800D5AE6 0000
    Start on Third LapD00D5AEc 0000
    800D5AEC 0002

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