Votom Lightning Slash

  • All parts and weapons

    While the game loads, hold Circle + X + Triangle + Square + Select + Start on controller two. Release the buttons when the Takara logo appears. Then, begin a game in story mode to exchange different items at the factory.

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Money800803D8 E0FF
    800803DA 05F5
    Infinite DashD00A18CC 0002
    800A18CC 0000
    Infinite BulletsD00A3992 A462
    800A3992 0000
    D00B649C FFFF
    800B649C 0000
    Radio Never BreaksD00973C4 FFFF
    800973C4 0000
    Press R1 + R2 For Instant Win P1D007B340 0003
    800E727C 0000
    D007B340 0003
    800E7144 0000
    D007B340 0003
    800E73B4 0000

    -From: Adrian

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