VMX Racing

  • Display coordinates

    While playing the game, press Down, Up, Left, Up, Down, Right(2), Down, Select.

  • Gouraud shaded cycle

    While playing the game, press Square(2), X , Triangle , Circle , Square , X , Square, Select.

  • Paint trails

    While playing the game, press Triangle, X, Triangle, Square(2), Triangle, Circle, X, Select.

  • Disco colors

    While playing the game, press X, Circle , Square , X(2) , Triangle(2), Select.

  • Wave landscape

    While playing the game, press Up, Left, Right(2), Down, Up, Down, Up, Select.

  • Techno-Funk song

    While playing the game, press Left, Up, Right(2), Left, Down(2), Right, Select.

  • View FMV sequences

    While playing the game, press Circle, X, Square, Circle, Square, Triangle(2), Circle, Select.

  • Bonus tracks

    If a sufficient amount of tricks are performed during season mode, bonus tracks will become accessable in the following order: Moon, Desert, Moon, Figure-8 Supercross. Note: The Moon track has a one minute time limit. The Desert track ends when you fall off the side. The Figure-8 Supercross track never ends.

  • Tricks

    Use the following controller actions right before a jump to perform the corresponding trick.

    Nac NacR2
    Special Move #1R1, R2, R1, R2
    Special Move #2R1, R1, R1, R1
    Special Move #3R2, R2, R2, R2

    Game Shark Codes

    Points Cooper8016235 000FF
    Points Becker8016426 000FF
    Points Duncan801632D8 00FF
    Points Emitt801613C8 00FF

  • X
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