Wing Commander 4: The Price Of Freedom

Strategy Guide

  • Cheat mode

    When the copyright notice appears on the title screen, press Up, Down(2), Up, R2. Now a level select screen will appear. Press R1 or R2 to select a level. Press L1 + L2 + Square during game play to destroy all ships (friendly and otherwise) on the display.

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Lasers801E6A8C 03FC
    Infinite Energy--Break Point Code80107F50 0000
    80107F52 0000
    Infinite IMREC Missiles801E6C08 0009
    Infinite Decoys801E6AA0 0018
    Infinite Fuel801E5A3C EE00

    Note: If some codes don't work, press Start + Select to end your game, and then restart the game.

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