Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: Third Edition

  • Regis comments

    Enter "REGIS" or "REGIS PHILBIN" as a name to hear a silly comment from Regis before he changes your name to "Pretender", "Big Faker", or something else.

  • Alternate names

    Enter "MILLIONAIRE" as a name and Regis will change it to something else.

  • Easier game

    Do not enter a name and wait for Regis to get mad and enter a name for you. It will then be easier for you to win a million dollars.

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Lifelines301FFECC 0001
    301FFECD 0001
    301FFECE 0001
    301FFE70 0003
    Start on Million Dollar QuestionsE01FFE6C 0000
    301FFE6C 000E
    Hold L2 For More TimeD0048062 FEFF
    30053310 0000

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