• Passwords

    Go to the options screen and enter one of the following passwords:

    PasswordWhat It Does
    2677768 Credits
    220969Start with 9 ships
    180771Invisible ship
    713948Start on level 2
    900277Start on level 3
    213490Start on level 4
    866141Start on level 5
    321904Start on level 6
    196861Start on level 7
    040186Start on level 8
    841003Start on level 9
    216409Start on Criticus
    300167End sequence

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Energy Player 1801E997E 008C
    Infinite Energy Player 2801E9B1E 008C
    Infinite Bombs Player 1801EBC8C 0003
    Infinite Bombs Player 2801EC32C 0003

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