Xena: Warrior Princess

Strategy Guide

  • Invincibility

    At the main menu, press Up(3), Circle, Square, Up, Right, Left. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

  • Full shield and attack

    At the main menu, press Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square(2), Up(3). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

    Game Shark Codes

    Reverse Joker CommandD00F16E0 ????
    Reverse Turbo Joker CommandD00F16D8 ????
    800F16D8 0000
    Unlock All Levels [Note]800F123C 0009
    Invincible800F0CC2 016F
    800F0CDC 0001
    Super Xena800F1136 02F5
    Max Chakram300F1135 0064
    Have Max Armor Upgrades300F2785 0063
    Have Max Sword Upgrades300F2786 0063
    Have Max Scrolls300F277A 0063
    Have Max Lightning Weapon Item300F277F 00FF
    Have Life Potion800FC0A8 0001
    Have Max Life Potions300F277E 00FF
    Have Homing Chakram Item800FC0F0 0001
    Have Max Homing Chakram Item300F2780 00FF
    Have Fire Weapon Item800FC114 0001
    Have Max Fire Weapon Item300F2781 00FF
    Have Invincibility Item800FC138 0001
    Have Max Invincibility Item300F2782 00FF
    Have Ice Weapon Item800FC15C 0001
    Have Max Ice Weapon Item300F2783 00FF
    Have Harp Item800FC180 0001
    Have Max Harp Item300F2784 00FF
    Have Resurrection Jewel300F277C 0001
    Have Unlock Key300F277D 0001

    Note: Save the game with this code enabled to unlock all levels.

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