Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee

Bad Ending:

For the bad ending, Abe saves the Mudokon race but does not save all of the 99 Mudokons. So the Mudokons do not save him and the bad guys turn Abe into ground beef. The End

Good Ending:

For the good ending, Abe saves the Mudokon race and all of the 99 Mudokons. So the Mudokons help Abe escape Rupture Farms and kill the bad guys and Abe becomes a hero. The End


After you kill the final boss, you get in a little space craft and you fly out of the big space ship you are in, as it explodes. Then you fly away, and One says, he thinks he has destroyed the sorces of this evil, and now he gots to go and find his women. Then is shows the credits, and at the end of the credits it says "Thank You For Playing. Try achieving a perfect rank in each stage..."

Pandemonium 2

If you beat the game with Nikki, The nimble mage takes the universe and transforms it into a giant turntable. She then warps into high gear by morphing into a comet and flies away. Fargus is sucked in after her. Watch the credits for outtakes from the character's animations.

If you beat the game with Fargus, Fargus uses the comet to become everything, from the trees to the sun. Cid explodes!

PaRappa The Rapper

After you beat the game with Parappa on the stage, he gives a little speech, then it shows an FMV of them going into a movie theater. Then on the screen it shows the words "THE END," then after the credits, it says, "Coming Soon: PaRappa The Rapper 2!" -By: Cyrax333@aol.com


After blowing up the last monster which is the heart of the planet, you and one other ship go flying out a tunnel, with flames behind you, that eventually gets to the surface blowing up the city. You fly into space to your base to see the planet fall apart but before the game ends you see one of the seeds is on board your ship. Then the credits roll with a cool watery effect and the best music of the game. -By: TuckMe6@aol.com

Rampage World Tour

After you destroy all the lunar houses (stage 132) the girl scientist lands on the moon and shrinks you with a gun. Then, you see the three monsters (now tiny) crawling around on the space ship... OH YEAH, after the credits you see a 10 second movie of the three monsters running around a city with real people running, and they are destroying real buildings (pretty cool!). -By: DNSSSTEVE@aol.com


When you see Mister Dark and escape his traps, he will run off and let the previous bosses fight you again. But this time they are merged into one. After you defeat them all, Ray-Man will do his victory dance. Then it will show a picture of all the characters eating cake at Joes', with Bettalla the Fairy in some kind of cloud coming out of a bottle Joe is opening. Then the credits roll by with pictures of everybody happy because everyone is free. But before that or after that, my game went to a blank screen and played a bit of music, and it started to skip I guess. I think it was suppose to be a screen that is telling you where the Great Protoon is, and where Bettalla the Fairy is. I think that cloud is one of those imagination clouds. -By: Tical95@aol.com


Bad Ending:

After you beat Hex, Bob will jump out of Lost Angles with Dot, and Phong will come with some flight hat on and say that Mainframe has suffered much damage and many casualties. Then Dot will ask where Enzo is, without thanking Bob for saving her life, then Phong says that he was one of the casualties. Bob says he would have done anything to save him then Phong, ever so resoursful gives Bob a little timetravel dealie, and it can make you skip to any level to get the Good Ending. -By: parkAvenue@cardiffgiant.com

Resident Evil

If you don't let Barry die and you don't rescue Chris you will go up to the helicopter pad and fight the Tyrant. Once you have hit him 4 times with the Bazooka the rocket launcher will fall from the helicopter, and you get to blow the Tyrant away with the rocket laucher. Then you will get in the helicopter and see the mansion blow up. -By: Homer10666@aol.com

Resident Evil 2

Clarie's 1st Senario:

After you have prepared the vaccine for Sherry, I suggest collecting alot of herbs before you go through the door that requires the MO Disk. Go through the door and walk up to the big elevator at the other side of the room. Push the red light and the elevator will start comeing down. The William attacks, run around and shoot him with your spark shot every time you get a chance, the he drops to the ground and starts to mutate again. Now he runs on all fours and jumps around once you've killed him, run into the elevator and head for the train, there Leon will be on the train, Clarie then jumps onto the end of the train, and meets up with leon. After a brief talk Clarie gives Sherry the serum(If you processed it right) Sherry wakes up and then the say all that Mushy stuff. Then Clarie and Leon start to talk, Leon says "Well, this is the end" Clarie then says "No, I still haven't found my brother" Leon once again says "Right, this is only the beggining" Then It shows credits, and a picture of Claire and Sherry(Apperently Claire adopted Sherry) It shows How long it took you, number of saves and Your rank, A,B,C,D. Thats the end. -By: cmslions@yahoo.com

Clarie's 2nd Senario:

Claire hops on the train and get's ready to leave. She turns on the train and they start to leave. Leon is at the sidewalk waiting for Claire. Leon jumps inside the train and then they say it's all over. They were wrong. The train was set to explode in 2 1/2 minutes. Claire goes out and checks to see what's going on. The door locks on her! She goes inside the other part of the train and meets with the FINAL MUTATION BOSS. Once you beat that boss you go back to the door and the FINAL MUTATION BOSS meets you again, but this time you don't have to fight it. Sherry stops the train by pressing a button. Leon, Claire, and Sherry jump out of the train and it exploads just in time. They land outside on a farm. They talk about it being all over, but Claire said it's not over till we find my brother. That's the end. I bet there will be a sequal. She will find him someday. -By: ANTpsxRE2@aol.com

Leon's 1st Senario:

For the first senario with Leon after you kill William, you go into the elevator and just make it onto the emergency train. After that you meet Claire and Sherry on the train and Leon says "Its over" and then Claire says "No it's not, I still have to find my brother." Then Leon leaves the room, and goes to the front of the train. He looks around for a few seconds and then says "Goodbye Ada!?" -By: DNSSSTEVE@aol.com

Hunk's ending:

When you come out of the Helicopter hallway with the wrecked helicopter and lots of zombies, you go into the crow hallway, greeted by the Tyrant-103. Just shoot him down with your magnum or any other weapons you have, or if your healthy, run up to him, take a ht, and run past him to the door, where you'll light a flare, and an Umbrella helicopter will come and get you the heck outta there with the G-Virus, and you ride in the helicopter out of Raccoon City and it says Umbrella has obtained the G-Virus and they have plans to do something with the G-Virus. -By: Puffy0112@aol.com

Star Wars: Rebel Assault II

At the end they say that the new weapon that Dark Vaider was building. They have the model of it now, thanks to you. And that they are going to take it apart, and find out how it was made so they can build them to, and fight equal against the Dark side. Right as they are saying that Dark Vaider takes off with the new weapon you had. The End!


Best Ending:

To get the best ending you need to have collected everyone there is and not have let anyone die. Then, you go on to take the place of the king; it shows your castle whatever you named it and it's super expanded and cleaned. -By: sephiroth_86@hotmail.com

Good Ending:

Your leader lives and goes on to rule the entire country. Flik and some other guys die while fighting in the final battle, when they were running out of the castle after you've killed the king. -By: sephiroth_86@hotmail.com

Bad Ending:

After you beat the final boss, your men rejoice and celebrate at your castle. Your leader matthew dies and everyone is sorry for him. It's not a fun ending. -By: UKNOWME62@aol.com

Tekken 2

Alex: Alex goes to an archaelogical sight, and discovers some raptor fossils. He sees them and has flashbacks or Jurassic times, he starts to run akwardly, then remembers his past and starts to run like a raptor.

Angel: Angel is sitting on a roof and sees images of all the Tekken fighters she had to defeat. She falls from the roof and shoots her laser. She flies off into the sky.

Anna: The lovely female fighter is taking a shower. Nina walks in and takes a picture (that pervert!)

Armor King: A-King is sitting on a bench. We see a few X-rays and presume he is dying. He finally gets up, and starts walking, he stumbles, and we see a few drops of blood. He walks out into a cheering crowd.

Baek: Baek is waiting for a bus ,he pulls out a picture of his family and smiles (A la Forest Gump)

Bruce: Our favorite kickboxer is inside a room with a punching bag. There is some little kid outside the window watching. Bruce does a few kicks and sends the bag flying off the hooks at the window. The kid gets scared and falls down, Bruce smiles at the kid and gives him thumbs up.

Devil: The winges one is sitting on a roof. His power builds up and he shoots a huge laser. He flies off into the night.

Ganryu: Probably the dumbest ending of all, Ganryu is shown in a picture of a sumo arena.

Heihachi: After defeating Kazuya, Heihachi takes his body to a volcano and throws it in (what a bad father).

Jack-2: Jack goes to an island with that little girl from the opening cinema. He is then shot by a sattelite laser and destroyed.

Jun: Jun gets off a bus and goes into the forest and all the animals come to her. (Kinda like Snow White)

Kazuya: After Kazuya defeats Devil, he starts to walk away and Devil wakes up. Devil fires his laser at Kazuya, and at the last second, Heihachi jumps in front of the laser and saves his son. Kazuya smiles and runs at Devil using his dad's body as a shield. He throws it at Devil and when he knocks it away, Kazuya dragon uppercuts him and sends him to the floor, once and for all. Evil grin follows.

King: The wrestler with a heart of gold goes to the orphanage and leaves some presents outside, the kids then come out and hug him.

Kuma: Kuma goes through Paul's Tekken 1 ending warm-up movie.

Kunimitsu: After defeating Yoshimitsu, Kuni takes his sword and is in the forest, where she slashes a gravestone in half (presumably Yoshi's)

Law: Law and Paul are in a dojo. Law is training Paul how to do flipkicks. Paul tries and falls on his head. (this is probably where Paul's Flip attempt move in T3 comes from)

Lee: Lee runs the MFE and has Kazuya and Heihachi put in cages or something.

Lei: Lei is shown at target practice. His bullet holes spell "The End"

Michelle: Michelle is looking at her necklace. She sees an eagle flying overhead (probably her mother as a reincarnation) and throws the necklace into a lake.

Nina: Nina is at a grave (Richard Williams: her father?). Anna sneaks up behind her and Nina pulls a gun on her. Anna shows that she doesn't want to fight so Nina walks away, smiling.

Paul: Paul is riding his bike along a highway and a rockslide blocks his path. He steps off the bike and starts to break the rocks with his punches.

Prototype Jack: PJ flies up a shaft and we see a few loose screws and bolts fall. A loud crash follows.

Wang: Wang goes to a hill with a grave (presumably his wife's, or maybe Jinhachi) and pours wine on it.

Yoshimitsu: The Yo-man (sorry i just can't help saying that) sees the helicopter with Bosconovitch flying away and he jump up, breaks through the window, and grabs Bosconovitch. He jumps out and does the deathcopter as the helicopter explodes.

All Tekken 2 endings -By: King838708@aol.com

Tekken 3 (Japanese Version)

Jin Kazama (Dirty Blood): After he beats true ogre, he is shot by some soldiers from Heihachi and Heihachi shot him to. While Heihachi is leaving Lin revives and throw one of his soldiers and take Heihachi by the head, slams it through the wall and while he is in the air Lin pull out a pair of wings of his body and slams him against the floor and goes thinking that Heihachi is dead, but he isnīt.

Paul Phoenix (Winning Run): He is running against a truck passing him very closely a cop see him and stops him, while he is writing Paulīs infraction Paul throws him some dust.

Forest Law (Middle Age): Law goes with Paul to his dojo and start to train with Lawīs friend, law do his reverse kick against the ground, but When Paul and Lawīs friend try to do it they kiss the ground.

King (Destiny): Original King Student, King is fighting in a wrestle championship under the indications of original king, when King win the Slam Champion belt original King despairs, King, when he doesn't find it goes running to the lockers, and there is original King Without his mask.

Yoshimitsu and Doctor. B. (Ogreīs blood): Yoshimitsu and Dr. Bosconovich are doing some experiments with ogreīs blood so they give it to eat to a rat, they change the scene to outside the house and Yoshimitsu is running with Doctor. B. in his back, why because a giant rat is chasing them.

Nina Williams (Sister's war): It looks like Nina is getting studied and Anna is looking her through a glass, then the scene changes to a cemetery where Nina and Anna are leaving some flowers in a tumb stone, Nina get some flash backs and fall on her knees Anna goes to help her but Nina hit her leaving Anna on the ground.

Lei Wulong (Afternoon Nap): You see Lei practicing through the winter seasons and in spring he finally gets tired and take a afternoon nap.

Eddy Gordo (Fixer): Eddy goes to the syndicates mansion and fight against a bold man after he beats him he see some photos (from Lin I think) in the table.

Hwoarang(Rival): He stood erect, a lone figure on the desolate pier, absently watching the golden rays of the sun as they dipped low into the horizon over sparkling waters. He knew that he should have felt triumph over his victory. The one of fulfilling his objectives to beat his archival. That born of lightning, avenging his teacher's tragic death at the hands of a demon, and winning the tournament. A feat that not even his teacher had accomplished in his life, and a feat that he knew Master Baek might have been proud of - had he still been alive. But he was not, and now Hwoarang felt no more cause of celebration. All that he could feel was despair and dejection, and a torrent of emotions that greatly burdened him. He cast a glance at the trophy he held in his hands. The one shaped like the bust of the tournament organizer, one who had been reduced to a pitiful old man. Now that all everything was over and he had found no opponent truly worthy of him, there was not more cause to live. No more meaning in life. He prepared to hurl the trophy into the ocean. Just then, a gunshot got his attention. Whirling, he witnessed three men recognizable as those of the Mishima Private Army. Chased a familiar face into one of the old, abandoned junk yards off the dock, Jin Kazama. He despised him. Yet at a time like this, Hwoarang was bounded by honor to help. So he did. Upon entering the warehouse, he saw the three circling a helpless Jin. Who was also wounded in an arm. Without further thought he adjusted his goggles, then flung the trophy into the center of the circle. While the three were distracted, he leapt into action, disarming them swiftly with a few choice kicks and some tackles. Within minutes they lay, broken and unconscious, on the cold, hard floor. Hwoarang then turned his attention back to Jin. This time however, he was in for a surprise. A strange and unnatural glow began to radiate from the boy. Without warning, Jin leapt several feet up and crashed out of one of the upper-level glass windows with a supernatural speed and strength that had the red-haired youth riveted to the spot. Later, after Jin had disappeared, Hwoarang blinked. Then he looked at his fist and a strange smile came to his face. He had just found a meaning in life. He had just found his worthy opponent.

Ling Xiaoyu (Dream land): Ling is dreaming of a dreamland of games for her and her panda "Panda" Heihachi is going to give it to her, and when he turns on the lights the dreamland is full of things with Heihachis face so Ling gets very angry and kicks his ass.

Kuma and Panda (Honey...): Ling is walking with Panda in a town square behind a wall there is Kuma waiting for Panda. When she is close he show her a bunch of flowers, but she ignores him and keep walking.

Julia Chang (Home Comming): After she beats true Ogre, she encounters her mother. Who was under true Ogre control, her mother tells her that, all that was Heihachiīs idea. So Julia said that she will follow him and kill him, but her mother stops her and tell her to come back home with her.

Gun Jack -Bad- (Complete?): A woman activates him in a abandoned factory and goes with him on his shoulder, but an evil Doctor is watching them. Shoots them from a satellite producing a giant explosion. After the big explosion Gun Jack deactivates his force field and see all the destruction of the laser.

Mojukin (Uppercut): His wife connects him an uppercut to make him bring the water. When he is coming back he, find some kids playing Tekken 3. So he stops and starts to play his wife (in the game) and he win with her. So he start to laugh, but behind him is his wife, and she shows him who is the boss, connecting him with another uppercut.

Anna Williams (Pool Side): Anna and Nina are getting tanned next to a pool, but some guys start to bother them, and Nina doesnīt want to be with them. So when she see Anne so happy she takes Annaīs bra out (donīt dream you canīt see anything).

Bryan Fury (He, He, He): He is running in a alleyway and finds some of Heihachis soldiers who start to shoot at him, but he is immune to them. So a tank shoots at him, but he keep running, and take a part of the tank and throws it at the soldiers.

Heihachi Mishima(Falling Grandchild): After Heihachi beats true Ogre, he takes the unconscious Lin, and goes with him in a helicopter. Suddenly Lin starts to change so he throws him outside.

Ogre and True Ogre (Awakening): Ogre transforms into true Ogre, and grows exaggeratedly, and destroys a pair of helicopters, with a breath of fire. When they are trying to destroy him.

Tiger (Want you!): (He fight exactly as Eddy but with a 70īs look). He starts to dance disco showing his combinations of dancing and fighting.

Gon (Loop): He jumps out from the water on a dolphin and it's pushed by a whale to an island. When he falls he starts to roll breaking all the trees and pushing all the animals in his way. He steals a fish from a bear, then he gets stoped by a rock and falls over a tiger that take him really fast to the island edge. On the edge he stops, but Gon jump and fall over a seagull. When they have enough speed he tries to fly. He makes it for a while but after that he falls into the water.

All Tekken 3 endings -By: "Danny Ramirez" grenoble@sol.racsa.co.cr

Time Commando

You go to the last level called "Beyond Time" in "The Virus" you jump all these tiles and you jump into this pentium processer looking thing and then you have to use your karate on this bear made out of red computer chips and you go to another guy which is really green and stuff and you get these stars to shoot at it. After that you go to another part of the virus, you kill it, and you save this woman who got sucked into the time machine with you. After that you go to the main virus with the woman around you. In this level you float around. You kill it and the virus is destroyed. There is this cut scene with you and the woman getting thrown out of the time machine. Then it shows the guy that planted the virus getting arrested. After that the credits and when thats done, he kicks the screen and has "The End" written on his shoe. -By: AssMaN579@aol.com

Time Crisis


Towards the end of the game, Wild Dog takes the President's daughter to a helicopter, she tries to get away from Wild Dog and gets shot in the arm. Then you start the shooting Wild Dog. He runs away and calls in a whole lot of bad guys. After you blast them away, you fight with Wild Dog some more and then kill him. The movie starts with Wild Dog getting blown away. He drops the switch to a bomb and he blows up. You take the girl and go to the helicopter. You fly away just before the castle blows up. Then the credits role.

Special Mode Ending:

After shooting up some weird tank and gunning down katanntas car she will:

1. If you have shot her enough, she will crash into a wall and blow up.

2. If you didn't shoot her enough, she will drive away laughing.

-By: SoNy 187@aol.com

Tobal 2

If you beat the game with one of the main characters you will get a cinema ending like Tekken 2. Then it will show you all of the matches you fought and the last hit that won you that match, then it shows you the credits. If you beat the game with one of the bosses or any of the other 180+ characters from battle mode, they will dance around and put on a little show, then it shows all of the matches you fought and the last hit that won you that match, then the credits.

Tomb Raider

After you beat the final boss, the pyramid you are in starts to blow up. Lara starts running while the ground is shaking and the pyramid is shattering. Lara jumps into the water and swims out to Natlia's boat. Lara starts up the boat and speeds off. Then the pyramid blows up and then the island explodes. Then the credits have some awesome pictures of Lara. -By: R Jaguar12@aol.com

Tomb Raider 2

After you get the dagger and head home, the cult members come to your house, when you kill them all off, including the boss, Lara heads for the showers, she's about to take off her robe when she turns her head towards you and says "Right, I think you've seen enough" then she grabs here shotgun and blows you away! -By: R Jaguar12@aol.com

Treasures of the Deep

Although you may have beaten all the levels, the only way to complete this game is to find all the hidden Greek tablets. Look at the 6x6-square on-screen level map, and imagine that the squares across are labeled left to right A to F, and that the squares going down are numbered 1-6. Using that grid system, here are areas where each of the tablets are hidden.

  • Wreck of the Conception: A-1
  • Hitler's Lost Gold (tablet frame): A-1
  • Montezuma's Revenge: E-4
  • Diver Straits: A-4
  • Sub-Trafficante: E-5
  • Bermuda Triangle: E-2
  • Great Barrier Reef: C-1
  • Maru Rescue: F-5
  • Bottom of the Earth: D-4
  • Safe Passage: D-5
  • Deep Freeze: C-4

    If you find all of the tablets you get to play in Atlantis. This level has pretty simple puzzles to solve. Once you beat Atlantis, you will get a special cinema ending with the people who worked on the game.

    Twisted Metal 2

    If the difficulty is normal or hard and you make it to Hong Kong you will face Dark Tooth, who wants to challenge you for killing his son (Sweet Tooth). After you beat Dark Tooth you go on a rooftop and get your prize and last Twisted Metals winner is there. -By: JPETERK@aol.com

    Individual Endings:


    Roadkill asks Calypso to be sane, and it doesn't matter if the world is insane, it only matters that he is sane. Calypso gives him his wish, and Roadkill wakes up in a hospital bed and finds his children and hugs them and thinks the whole thing was a dream. Then, he looks around, and lying next to him in another hospital bed is Axel, and part of another fighter. Roadkill goes "I remember fighting these people but when and where?" Then the screen goes blank.


    Twisters asks Calypso to go faster than the speed of light. Calypso gives Twister her wish and she becomes the world's first time traveler, considering that when something goes faster than the speed of light, it goes backwards in time. Twister goes back and back in time, until she runs out of gas and ends by herself in prehistoric times. It shows her and her car getting smashed by a T-rex's foot and then it shows her helmet in a museum.


    Axel asks for the courage to face his father, who put him in this contraption 30 years ago. Axel confronts his father and his father says: "Why have you come back? You were too slow and too damn stupid, and you still are. Looks like another ten years for you on the wheels to set you straight. Axel says "No father, I am a free man," and Axel rips his arms out of the contraption, part of his arm still in the contraption. Axel leaves while Calypso says that no one has ever yet seen Axel to this day.

    -By: hoops@cloudnet.com

    War Gods

    First, you battle Grox and Exor in a standard one-on-one fight to the finish, except you can't do fatalities on them. After beating Exor, and he explodes, the ore will appear. Your character will grab the ore and then it'll say your character has won. A screen should then appear, saying that your character has won the ore, but the battles are not over. More challenges are soon to come and to keep playing. -By: larcen.tyler@connections.ultranet.com


    After blowing up the aliens central brain, all the aliens start dying because they needed the brain to live. But one manages to push the self destruct switch, and your soldiers go running out to the ship in a big hurry. Just in time to see the base explode, and send a signal to earth to start XCOM 2 Terror of the Deep. -By: TuckMe6@aol.com