J-League Winning 11 Strategy Guide

Attacking: short pass
Defending: block tackle
Ball in air: (tap X button twice) passing header to nearest player

Circle Button
Attacking: long ball (lob towards goal).
Defending : clear upfield (if player is near the ball, he will run towards it and clear in direction of run)

Triangle Button
Attacking: shoot towards goal (shot bar shows height of shot, not power)
Ball in air: strong header overhead kick (back must be turned to the ball), volley (ball in air), diving header (when ball is some distance away and player has to stretch to reach it)
Defending : slide tackle

Square button
Centering the ball (from any position, but preferably from flanks)
Goalkeeper: causes him to rush out to narrow the angle (must press Triangle for him to attempt a save)

L2 and R2
Used in conjunction with short pass button for one touch play (press both X button and L2 or R2 when passing, remembering to hold the R2 or L2 button)
R2 can be used when defending to prompt the nearest player to chase the ball

Change player

Speed burst

Press during game play to implement selected strategy (strategy will flash)
Press another time to cancel strategy (e.g. all out attack)

Pause game play (e.g. to call for substitution, change of tactics)

Tap the direction button three times in succession in the direction you are running. (Dribbling only works if you are not in speed burst mode.)

(The goalie has three different moves with the ball; overarm throw, underarm throw and long punt.)

At a corner, shift direction of kick towards the goal post. A player is normally there so you can glance a header past the keeper.

Try to cross the ball at the ¾ mark of the pitch. This will catch the opponents off guard as a speedy striker will probably run on their blind side and you can execute a diving header.

Try to time your speed bursts so that you accelerate at the right moments. Continually running gives you less control and opposing defenders can take the ball off you easily.

Changing player positions does not really matter. Using the Urawa Red Diamonds team, I deploy Buchwald and Boli up front. They are faster and have very powerful shots. Buchwald is very tall and can get to most headers.

Different players have slightly differing abilities. Okano in the Red Diamonds team, for example, can run very quickly but you have to be careful when shooting as he normally skies the ball.

At throw ins, press the X button to pass back to the throwing player. You can use the shoot button for a vague shot towards goal.

You can charge up your shots towards goal when running towards the ball via a through pass. This normally happens when you select a 2-3-5 attacking formation.

You can execute a low cross into goal as well. This is difficult to execute. Speed burst the player and tap Square and Back twice.

The most enjoyable viewpoint is close up. Use the screen radar to detect your players' positions.

When the ball is in the air, a cross shows where the ball will land.

Using the slide tackle only as a last resort.

Prompt the goalie to come out when passing back or when there is no defender in sight as the attacker bears in on goal. Press the Shoot button to clear (when ball is free) or to make a save.

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