Psychic Detective Strategy Guide

Due to the interactive nature of this title, there are many ways to complete the game. The game can finish in one of several endings. Although the following walkthrough may not be the most optimal, it does expose most of the major plot themes. Note that the solution branches at several points in order to reach the different endings. Follow the main solution without choosing the other endings to see The Grand Slam Solution, which is the best ending. To see the Moki's Playmate Solution, watch the entire game without making any choices and lose the Black Diamond game.

Pozok Mansion:
Laina will bring Fox (your character) to the mansion and introduces him to some of the guests. Jump into Moki's mind when he appears at the bottom of the stairs.

Moki will speak briefly with Chad, examine a photograph, and walk upstairs. He will then have a confrontation with Laina and retrieve some items from her past. Moki will return downstairs to the kitchen and make a deal with Chad. After Chad leaves the room, Moki will search a cabinet and read a newspaper. Jump into Sylvia's mind when Moki sees her in the mirror.

Sylvia will take a knife from the kitchen and walk upstairs to the study. Jump into Chad's mind when it becomes available.

Look at the green notebook. Return to Sylvia's mind as she enters the room.

When Sylvia starts stabbing Chad, return to Fox's mind.

Fox will be talking to Madame T. (Anna). She will send Fox upstairs to look for Chad. He will enter the study and find Chad's body. Analyze either the knife or paper. Monica will scream as she discovers the body. Fox will find Laina and leave the house.

Outside Pozok Mansion:
Fox will ask Laina about the green notebook in his car. Laina will leave the car. Select the "Help Me" icon when it appears. Laina will return to the car and speak with Fox. Analyze her bracelet. Laina will leave the car and drive away.

Moki will appear and speak to Fox. Ignore his offer by selecting the "Follow Monica" icon.

The Brick Night Club:
Jump into Monica's mind as she enters the Brick. Jump into Sylvia's mind.

Sylvia will be watching the tables in the night club through several monitors. Bobby will greet Sylvia.

Laina's House:
Fox will approach the house. Laina will use the psychic collector. Jump into Sergei's mind.

Sergei will experience a psychic flashback. Select the "Barge In" icon to enter the room.

Laina will speak to Fox. Select the "Help Laina" icon. Laina will instruct Eric to view her mind and see her past. Laina will show Fox the psychic collector. Fox will ask her to teach him to use the collector. Jump into Sylvia's mind when Sergei starts to babble.

Sylvia will be monitoring a conversation between Moki and Max. Jump to Sergei's mind when Max tears the paper obtained from Moki. This must be done quickly in order to see Sergei's killer.

Sergei will be shot by Lance. The collector's effect will end. As Laina screams, Sergei will stagger into the house and die. The police will arrive and arrest Fox.

Police Station:
Fox will be interrogated by the police. Jump to the Lt. Grigg's mind as Fox is lead to his jail cell. The detectives will leave the station. Once outside, jump into the Courier's mind.

Jump to Laina's mind at the intersection. She will apologize for the current situation. Jump into the mind of the skateboard kid.

As the kid moves through the city, he will encounter a limousine with Max and Sylvia. After that, he will pass Monica at MirageQuest. Finally, a bag lady will appear. Jump into her mind.

The bag lady will wander through the city and stop in front of a pawn shop. The psychic collector that is inside will alter Fox's view and alert him to its presence.

Lt. Griggs will wake up Fox and release him from custody. Laina will pick up Fox from the station. Fox will tell Laina about the fourth collector and give her directions to the pawn shop.

Pawn Shop:
Fox and Laina will enter the shop. Fox will be able to use the power of the collector as he faces the shop owner. Jump into Sylvia's mind.

Moki will be double-crossed by Max. Fox will return to the pawn shop. Use "Affection" on shop owner. He will give Laina the psychic collector. Fox and Laina will drive to the Pozak Mansion

Pozok Mansion:
Laina will lead Fox into the house. Analyze the triangles that are on the floor. Select the "Walk Pattern" icon to follow the steps on triangles and open the secret door. Laina and Fox will enter the hidden room.

Analyze the collector bag, the symbol and the workbench.

Fox will tell Laina that Max murdered her father. Madame T. will be heard screaming. Fox and Laina will run to her bedroom.

Fox will pull Sylvia off Madame T. Use the "Monicas Trouble" icon against Sylvia. Anna will compliment Fox for using that strategy. Fox and Laina will go to MirageQuest.

Sylvia will confront Max, and leave in anger.

Fox and Laina will arrive at MirageQuest:

Laina will give Fox the collector. Both of them will enter the building.

When Jeanine walks up the stairway:

She will flirt with Lance. The view will return to Fox's mind.

Laina and Fox will pass Janine in the hallway on the way to the storeroom. Use the psychic collector when the Lance shouts at them. Use "Affection" on the Lance. Quickly use "Aggression" on Monica she appears from the storeroom. Fox will take Lance's gun

Fox, Laina, and Monica will run out of the building. Max will take control of Fox as he exits. Fox will throw the gun away and return inside the building. Fox will give the fourth collector to Max.

Black Diamond:
Max will challenge Fox to play Black Diamond. Considering which pieces are available, choose the most powerful. Madame T., the Kite, Monica, Laina, and the Cigarette are usually the best choices.

Monica's weakness is with the King Doll and Moki.
Laina's weakness is with the King Doll and Sergei.
Fox's weakness is the Cigarette.
Max's weakness is the Kite (his scar).

Win the game to end with The Grand Slam solution.

Lose the game to end with the Double War solution.

Finish the game with a perfect tie to end with The Puka Lounge Blues solution. One way to accomplish this is to have the kite as Eric's last remaining piece, while Max has the cigarette. As a last move, those pieces would cancel each other out.

Pretty Bracelet solution:

Black Diamond

Hot Head solution:

Black Diamond

The Healing solution:

Black Diamond

Maximum Eric solution
Pozok Mansion


Black Diamond

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